How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost in San Antonio?

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26th May 2021.

When you think of San Antonio, you may daydream of eating spicy Tex-Mex on The River Walk, cheering from the sidelines of the rodeo, or taking in the historic sights of the Alamo.


There’s always something new to experience. From one weekend to the next, you will find unique local exhibits, from live country music scenes to food festivals and cultural activities.


Because of this, it’s no surprise that it’s in the top 20 most visited cities in the nation.


But when we think of San Antonio? We think of weddings with a whole lotta’ Texan flair!

How much does wedding photography cost in San Antonio?

One of the top questions that we hear from brides and grooms around the great state of Texas is how much wedding creative services should cost and what they actually cost.


If you’re planning a wedding here, you’re likely beginning to think through your finances and trying to figure out what wedding photography costs in San Antonio.


When you start to break down your expenses, you may find that wedding photographs and/or videos can become a significant part of the budget. According to The Knot, an average of 12% of a wedding budget typically goes to photography and videography.


Getting married in San Antonio? We estimate that wedding photography and videography will cost anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000 for each individual service.


If you’ve done a quick Google search about wedding expenses, you may find quotes for creative services that highly vary. Like with many wedding details, keep in mind that there are often hidden fees which get added to the total cost later in your planning process.


If you do find quotes that come in lower than our estimate, make sure to do thorough research about what’s included in an offering. For example, this could include finding out if you receive full rights to the assets, and how much cost will be added for prints or copies.


How much should wedding photos cost in San Antonio?

At Joy Photo and Video, we pride ourselves on robust offerings that are tailored to meet your individual wedding needs. We’re transparent with our prices and make them publicly available on our website so that you know exactly what is being agreed upon. 


Here’s how much wedding photography costs in San Antonio with our team:

  • A Joy photography package will cost $1,699 for 6 hours of coverage, 300+ HD photos, all raw files and a Pixieset digital album.
  • A Joy videography package will cost $1,400 for 6 hours of coverage, a 3+ minute HD highlight video and all raw files with full rights.

We also offer packages if you want to combine both, which can also lead to savings.


How much should I spend on both wedding photos and videos in San Antonio?


San Antonio is one of our favorite places for marriages to begin which is why we’re proud to have the ability to provide both photo and video services to local couples.


If you want to include wedding videography to help bring those photos to life, we recommend one of our packages:

  • Signature Photo+Video Package: A photo and video bundle will cost $2,499 for a signature package for 6 hours of coverage, 300+ HD photos, a 3+ minute HD highlight video with all raw files without watermarks and full rights, and a Pixieset digital album.
  • VIP Photo+Video Package: A photo and video bundle will cost $4,999 for a VIP package for 8 hours of coverage, ~400 HD photos, a ~4 minute HD highlight video with all raw files (without watermarks) and full rights, and a Pixieset digital album and a photo album. You will also get sneak peeks to your photos and video 24 hours after the wedding! Bonus: a 2-hour bridal or engagement session, too!
  • Micro-wedding Photo+Video Package: A photo and video bundle will cost $1,899 for a micro-wedding for 4 hours of coverage, 200+ HD photos, a 2+ minute HD highlight video with all raw files (without watermarks) and full rights, and a Pixieset digital album.

Have questions that we can answer about your Texas wedding photos and videos? We’re here for you.


Looking for a wedding photographer and videographer in San Antonio?


We strive to bring joy to our couples and believe that selecting the right creative professionals should be one of the most seamless parts of your planning.


Meet our local wedding photographer and videographer team:

  • Brianna is a photographer based in San Antonio who is a master with her camera, bringing over a decade of practice to the team. She pulls inspiration from raw authentic moments, beautiful souls, deep rooted bonds, landscapes and the outdoors, her children and motherhood journey. She loves shooting weddings because it allows her to part of a once in a lifetime type of love that radiates out of the couple; especially when they look into each other’s eyes. New to Texas, Brianna hopes to grow her network and collaborate with other creatives in the area in the coming years. When she isn’t covering your special day, Brianna and her family enjoy camping, hiking and spending time outdoors. (P.S. she took the photos(P.S. she took the photos featured in this blog post!) See Briana’s portfolio here.

  • Vianney (pronounced like D-N-A) is a videographer. Vianney was born and raised right here in the great state of Texas in San Antonio. She has been behind the camera for over 6 years and is enjoying every single moment of it. Vianney has a background in film making and one day plans to film weddings and documentaries all over the globe. When she is not capturing the best parts of your day, you can find Vianney roller skating, at the dog park with her fur child Niko, or hiking the hidden beauties of South Texas.
  • Jason is a videographer and native Texan. Jason has over 4 years in the wedding industry and cannot wait to continue capturing special moments for couples all over the US. He loves working with our couples and often draws his inspiration straight from the people he meets and shoots. Jason is a huge family man and spends his free time with his wife and beautiful kids. Enjoy this video shot in San Antonio by Jason:

Fill out the form on our home page if you’d like to meet local team members and discuss your options. We would be happy to share details on our latest special promotions and how we can partner with you on the wedding of your dreams.


You can also see samples of our photos here and videos here.


We hope this was helpful for you to learn more about how much wedding photography costs in San Antonio.


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