Where are you located?

We are headquartered in Austin, Texas. However, our teams live and work all throughout the country in our major city hubs, and we can go anywhere you need us to be.

What kind of packages do you offer?

Our packages are custom and personalized just for you and your wedding day. Generally, if you have a smaller wedding, you'll only need one photographer and one videographer. But if you have a larger wedding, you can add second shooters as needed. We mainly build your package on the size of your wedding by guest count, and the number of hours of coverage that you'll need for your wedding. Your packages can include audio of vows and speeches, aerial drone coverage, documentary style editing, video live streaming, and extra sessions, and more!

What is the booking process like?

On your very first consultation call, you will meet your bridal consultant, talk about your wedding plans so far, and receive a custom wedding photography and videography package designed just for you and your wedding day. Next, you will review with that package with your fiance and anyone needed, and if everything looks good, you'll simply sign and pay your deposit to secure your date!

What happens if...?

There are lots of scenarios that can happen and its important for you to know how we professionally handle those so you have enjoy the best experience on your wedding day. 1. ...I change my date? No problem! One of the advantages of working with us is that we have a team. This allows us to be flexible to adjust our calendar to work with you. And no, we do not charge date change fees! :) 2. ...if an accident or emergency happens with me or my team? Again, we have a team that can help cover under these circumstances. We do not guarantee we will make every scenario work but we will do our best! 3. ...I want to cancel? No problem. Just let us know and we can either postpone your wedding or cancel all together. Remember though, 50% of the value of your wedding is non-refundable. Refer to your proposal agreement to review how we handle other situations.

Why should I book with Joy Photo and Video?

Joy Photo and Video focus on service and quality to help give you the best experience possible. Custom Packages- From the beginning, we build a package that is personalized just for you and your wedding. Since every bride and wedding is different, this gives us the flexibility to make it unique just for you and your wedding needs. Dedicated Bridal Consultants- your very own dedicated bridal consultant is a professional wedding planner who will work with you and provide light timeline and planning consultation. Clear Communication and Organization- We have a very specific and detailed process to ensure we are going to produce the best photos and videos of your wedding day. We are highly responsive and communicate with you on time about important and necessary parts of your wedding. You also get to have plenty of interaction with your photography and videography team leading up to your wedding day. Top 10%- We hire the top 10% of wedding photography and videography professionals in the industry. We look for people who are service focused, have developed exceptional technical skills, and who have ample experience shooting weddings. Our brides love our team, and we are confident you will too!

Can I choose my photographer and videographer?

The short answer is no, you cannot choose your team. If you have a preference of someone you like, we can make a special request. However, we cannot guarantee you will get to work with that person on wedding day. (Sometimes things happen- your wedding date changes or is post-poned, an accident or emergency may occur, etc.)

When do I get my photos and video?

Within 4-6 weeks after your wedding, you will receive your photos and video and any other items we promised to deliver.

What happens after I book?

After you book, your dedicated bridal consultant will work with you personally to get wedding details, timelines, and shot lists organized for your day. ​Next, you will have your introduction call and begin to build your relationship with your professional wedding photo and video team.​ In the days leading up to your wedding day, you will receive continual support and clear communication in case you have any updates or changes.

What are the payment options?

We generally ask for a 50% deposit, but we can make payment plans, without interest, with as low as a 25% deposit to secure your date.

How much does it cost?

Your package can range anywhere from $2000- $4000+ depending on you and your wedding needs.

Are there any travel fees?

Generally, we don't charge any travel fees. However, if your wedding is international or too remote from one of our main city hubs, there will likely be some travel fees. In these cases, your team is probably driving long distances and my need to get a place to sleep after your wedding. Most weddings are local, so this is not usually a problem. But, if your wedding is far away, we’ll plan with you to make sure everything runs smoothly.