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  • Where are you located?
    We have local teams in the areas below: Atlanta Austin Baltimore Boston Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus Dallas/ Fort-Worth Denver Detroit Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New York City Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Sacramento Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco Seattle St. Louis Tampa Washington DC
  • What kind of packages do you offer?
    Visit our Packages & Pricing page!
  • How much does it cost?
    Vist our Packages & Pricing page!
  • How does the Coverage Time work?
    Coverage is consecutive and continuous. So once the clock starts, it runs until its done.
  • Do you offer photo booths?
    No, we do not.
  • Do you offer Drone services?
    No, we do not.
  • Are there any Travel Fees?
    Depends, if total travel is within 50 miles round-trip, then there are no Travel Fees. However, Travel Fees do apply at a rate of $1.00 per mile for any travel exceeding 50 miles starting from the center of the closest Joy Photo and Video City-Hub, for each member of the photography and videography team included in your package. An additional fee for lodging of $175 per night for each member of the photography and videography team included in your package also applies for any one-way travel extending beyond 125 miles starting from the center of the closest Joy Photo and Video City-Hub. To calcualte this, we start from the center of your city-hub, then we go to all of the locations of your wedding, then we return to the center. If that round trip is greater than 50 miles, we will charge $1.00 for every mile after 50 miles. We may also need to update this if we have new addresses you did not previously give us during booking, or if there are any changes to addresses for your wedding.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    The only fees or extra costs that you need to consider are: Travel fees The cost to provide your team a meal Any parking, permit, or entrance fees for your team The cost for premium music from our approved library ($25 per song)
  • Do I get my "RAW" files?
    Yes, for PHOTO ONLY, NOT for video. DISCLAIMER: RAW, unedited files are original digital files that are unprocessed and require professional editing software to process and view. RAW files may be in one of several file formats, and are difficult to view, or may not be viewable at all, even with professional editing software. RAW files are delivered by digital transfer only and may contain very large amounts of data, which require fast internet, and high computer processing speeds to download successfully. Therefore, there is no guarantee that all RAW files may be successfully downloaded and/or viewable.
  • Should I get a 2nd Photographer?
    A 2nd Photographer is useful for larger weddings (100+ guests) and is best utilized for the first half of your wedding day. One of the best reasons to get a 2nd photographer is to be able to capture two things that are happening at the same time. The minimum amount of hours to book a 2nd photographer is 4 hours. This also applies to 2nd videographers. Check out our Blog Post to learn more: The Benefits of Hiring a Second Shooter for Your Wedding
  • Can I choose my photographer and/or videographer?/ Can I see their portfolio?/ Can I meet who I am going to work with before I book?
    You can excpect to see who you are going to be working with about 2-4 weeks after booking. After you book, we onboard you into our system and assign your team as quickly as possible. Once your team is assigned, you will be able to see their headshot, their written bio, and their portfolio in the app. At 2 months from your wedding day, you will work with your dedicated consultant to finalize your timeline and other wedding details. We don't have a process for couples to pick and choose their photographer or videographer. We build our teams of local photographers and videographers based on their gear, personality, experience, and the style/ quality of their work. We also have a separate editing team that focuses only on editing. We have a standardized process for them that allows us to keep our style and quality of our photos and videos consistent. So regardless of which photographer or videographer we assign, we promise to deliver the same style and quality you see in our portfolio: We may need to change your team based on many factors, including date changes, accidents or emergencies, etc. This is one of the advantages of working with us is that we have a team, so when "stuff" happens, we have a back up plan. We want to make sure our couples understand our process of how we work and that you are comfortable with it. If you are ok with this then we are a good fit!
  • What is the booking process like?
    1. Review our packages & pricing and work with your consultant to make sure you have the right package for you. 2. Receive proposal options, review everything with your fiance and family/ friends. 3. Book your date by signing and paying your initial retainer fee.
  • How much does it cost to book/ reserve my date?
    We have two payment options: 1. 2 Payment Plan, with 50% down as your initial retainer and then 50% 1 month before the wedding. 2. 4 Payment Plan, 25% down as your initial retainer, 25% due the next month, 25% due mid-way to your wedding and 25% due 1 month before your wedding. In either plan, 50% of the total is non-refundable and the total amount is due 1 month before the wedding.
  • Why should I book with Joy Photo and Video?
    Joy Photo and Video focuses on service and quality to help give you the best experience possible. Simple & Easy Process- Our process is simple and easy so you can be completely satisfied with our work. We organize and manage everything so you don't have to do any extra work and so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you and your wedding. Dedicated Bridal Consultants- Your very own dedicated bridal consultant is a professional wedding planner who will work with you and provide light timeline and planning consultation. Clear Communication and Organization- We have a very specific and detailed process to ensure we are going to produce the best photos and videos of your wedding day. We are highly responsive and communicate with you on time about important and necessary parts of your wedding. You also get to have plenty of interaction with your photography and videography team leading up to your wedding day. Top 10%- We hire the top 10% of wedding photography and videography professionals in the industry. We look for people who are service focused, have developed exceptional technical skills, and who have ample experience shooting weddings. Our brides love our team, and we are confident you will too!
  • What happens if...?
    There are lots of scenarios that can happen and its important for you to know how we professionally handle those so you have enjoy the best experience on your wedding day. 1. ...I change my date? No problem! One of the advantages of working with us is that we have a team. This allows us to be flexible to adjust our calendar to work with you. And no, we do not charge date change fees! :) 2. ...if an accident or emergency happens with me or my team? Again, we have a team that can help cover under these circumstances. We do not guarantee we will make every scenario work but we will do our best! 3. ...I want to cancel? No problem. Just let us know and we can either postpone your wedding or cancel all together. Remember though, 50% of the value of your wedding is non-refundable. Refer to your proposal agreement to review how we handle other situations.
  • What is included in the 10" x 10" Linen Hardcover Album?
    The album includes 20 pages and about 36 photos. You get to choose your own pictures to put into the album. You have to pay for any page above 20, and you can choose up to 100 pages.
  • Are the photos high resolution?
    Yes, the photos are high resolution photos. The technical specifications are: -Minimum size must be at least 2,000 pixels on the long edge of the photo and 300 dpi -Maximum size cannot exceed 12,000 x 12,000 pixels -Maximum file data size limit is 100 MB
  • What is your style?
    We are traditional, classic, and timeless, so that it will endure throughout the generations of your family.
  • When is the earliest and latest that I can book?
    We usually don't recommend booking our services greater than 2 years out. Most couples book anywhere between 18 months and 3 months out from their wedding date. The latest we will book is 2 months out from wedding date. We do not book any weddings that are less than 2 months to the wedding date.
  • What happens after I book?
    After you book, relax and move onto the next part of your wedding planning! You will receive a Wedding Day Timeline form from us that is due one month before your wedding. As you move forward with planning and get all of your details ready, simple fill out the form and select your shotlist. ​One month before your wedding, we will confirm everything with you and (depending on your package) you will meet your photographer and/or videographer team.​ In the days leading up to your wedding day, you will receive continual support and clear communication in case you have any updates or changes.
  • What is the best way to contact Joy Photo and Video?
    After you book, feel free to reach out to us via email at or you can call or text us at 866-482-2010.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes, our insurance policy can be viewed here. We can also add your venue as an additional insured as well. Joy Photo and Video Certificate of Insurance
  • What happens if I need to reschedule my wedding?
    We do not charge any fees if you need to change your wedding date. Make sure to let us know at least a month or greater in advance of the new date.
  • When do I get my photos and video?
    Our max delivery time is 12 weeks after the date of your wedding. We usually deliver everything within 2-6 weeks after your wedding. Other Session (Engagements, Bridals, etc.) edits are usually completed within 1-2 weeks from the date of the session.
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