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Choose a Bible Verse for a Christian Marriage

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

If you’re an engaged Christian couple, it’s likely that faith will be a critical part of your future life together. No matter the denomination, there are some beautiful ways to incorporate faith-based elements into your wedding day as you enter this sacred union.

But as you know, a wedding is so much more than a white dress and a party. It’s a proclamation to the world of your commitment to one another and the beginning of your love story as husband and wife.

Photograph of religious wedding decorations with Christian bride in Dallas, Texas.

Because of the teachings of the church, so many little girls grow up dreaming of finding a Christian man who has similar beliefs and can become the head of the household. As they grow up (even if faith ebbs and flows throughout the years), when it comes to finding a mate then this early vision may become important again.

If you are blessed with a soulmate who can encourage you on your spiritual journey, we have something for you to consider.

If you choose a Bible verse for a Christian marriage, you will create a cornerstone of your faith foundation. Here's why. If your spiritual walk is important to you, finding creative ways that both you and your future spouse can spiritually connect will take some thoughtful planning.

Whether praying at special events (like your wedding!), reading a daily devotional or attending church together on the weekends, you should incorporate simple standards into your relationship.

If you were to select one or two specific verses that becomes a cornerstone to your foundation, it will be easy to memorize (and refer back to when needed) because it won’t be a whole passage or book of the Bible.

This verse will serve as a clear proclamation to one another that faith will be important in your future together.

And just as scripture often speaks to you in different ways through different life seasons, this will do the same thing for your relationship. You can come back to it over and over again to remember the commitment that you made to keep Christ at the center.

As you start your future off on the right foot, getting grounded in what the Bible says about a Christian marriage can be very helpful.

Throughout this exercise to select your cornerstone scripture verse, you will focus on what you want the spiritual aspects of your marriage to look like and what it truly means to support your partner in their faith journey.

How to choose a Bible  verse for your Christian marriage ceremony by Joy Photo and Video

From Houston to Dallas, the Joy Photo and Video team has worked with a lot of Christian couples across the great state of Texas so have we seen this done in a few different ways. To select a scripture verse that can become your ‘marriage motto’, consider one of these approaches.

Pray about it as you read the Bible together. Early in the engagement phase (before the chaos of wedding planning begins) spend some time focusing on your verse by praying and spending extra time in the Word together.

Throughout the season of your engagement, there may be a verse that gets placed on one or both of your hearts.

Discuss a ‘cornerstone verse’ in your pre-marital counseling to get guidance from your pastor. Pre-marital counseling is required by some churches but optional at others. If you do go through this together, bring this up as a discussion point with your pastor. They will have guidance on how to build a healthy spiritual foundation and may have specific tips on how to select a verse or examples of favorites.

See if your wedding officiant (who may or may not be the same as your pastor) has inspiration based on what they’ve seen others do at past weddings. Many officiants have orchestrated multiple weddings for diverse couples. They may have a unique ‘go-to’ recommendation of a Bible verse for a Christian marriage. (If you need an officiant and are located in the Houston surrounding areas, we partner with Sammy Crosby of Life Long Grace Ministries out of Cypress, Texas!)

Do some online research. It sounds cliché, but you really can find (almost) everything you need on Google! There are Biblical scholars, wedding planners and professional publications who have already done work to curate Bible verse recommendations. Here are two articles that can help start your search via Southern Living and Woman’s Day.

Talk to other Christian married couples. If you know couples in your immediate circle who you respect and trust, ask if they have a shared verse that is meaningful to their marriage. You may get some great ideas. If they don’t already have one, you may inspire them to do the same. (It’s never too late to do this.)

Bride and groom in front of cross at Christian wedding by Joy Photo and Video.
  1. Incorporate the verse into meaningful parts of your wedding, like the ceremony message given by the officiant or woven into your vows or wedding ring exchange. If you plan to have a wedding videographer, this is a GREAT addition to make sure to capture since it will be an audible reminder of this special verse at a unique time in your relationship.

  2. Add it into wedding décor elements, like the programs or guest book. Depending on the verse, it could even be part of your reception, like key words used as table numbers, written on a sign or antique mirror, or printed on a wedding favor.

  3. Purchase something for your home that has this verse so that it remains front and center. It could be a special frame for a wedding photo collage or custom wooden or metal plaque. Take time to find a piece that feels right and make sure it matches your home décor and put it somewhere you go often, like your home entryway or your bedroom. Tip: If you’re able to purchase this before the big day, it could work as double duty: wedding AND home décor. If there’s someone who asks you about a wedding gift inspiration that doesn’t want to buy off your registry, this could be a gift that you request they help chip in on.

  4. Select special ongoing relationship milestones when you can refer to your verse, like a dating or wedding anniversary. The verse will mean different things to you when you hear it as you enter different phases of your relationship.

  5. Read it together at the beginning of each year. As you think through New Years resolutions, consider a goal that could further enhance your marriage. Read the verse together as you look to the year ahead.

Christian couple kissing with bridal veil in Dallas, Texas.

We hope these tips help you see why and how you should select a Bible verse for a Christian marriage!

Choose Joy,

The Joy Team


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