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How Joy Photo and Video Hires Wedding Professionals

At Joy Photo and Video, a premier wedding photography and videography company, we understand that capturing the essence of your special day requires more than just technical skill. We meticulously select our photographers and videographers based on a set of comprehensive criteria to ensure they deliver the highest quality service. This blog will walk you through the rigorous process Joy Photo and Video employs to hire our team, providing you with the confidence that your wedding memories are in the best hands.

a bride and groom on their corvette

How Joy Photo and Video Hires Wedding Professionals

Planning your wedding is an exciting journey, and choosing the right photography and videography team is crucial. At Joy Photo and Video, we believe that the right professionals not only capture beautiful moments but also enhance your wedding day experience. Here’s a detailed look at how we hire our photographers and videographers, ensuring you get the best for your special day.

[Madison+ Zeth in Houston, TX,  filmed by JPV Videographer Eliel Miotto]

Personality and Character

a groom kissing his bride

At Joy Photo and Video, we prioritize hiring individuals who are genuinely passionate about weddings. We look for photographers and videographers who are enthusiastic, engaged, positive, and uplifting. Their excitement about weddings translates into their work, creating an encouraging and enjoyable atmosphere on your big day. Our team members are often described as "besties" or even "therapists" because of their ability to keep couples calm and excited, even when things get stressful.

We delve deeply into understanding their interpersonal skills during the hiring process. We ask them how they’ve previously managed interactions with clients, ensuring they possess the ability to foster positive relationships and provide emotional support when needed. This personable approach is vital for maintaining a cheerful and relaxed environment throughout your wedding day, which ultimately reflects in the quality of the captured moments.

Style and Quality

[Bride Kellie in Dallas, TX, photographed by Lupe Zamora]

a bride outside with her bohemian-style bouquet

Ensuring the style and quality of our work matches our high standards is a critical part of the hiring process at Joy Photo and Video. We meticulously review portfolios to confirm that the candidate's artistic vision aligns with our standards and quality of work. We assess their understanding of focus, white balance, focal length, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition, and lighting. Our goal is to capture both candid and portrait shots that tell a beautiful, cohesive story of your wedding day.

We look for a diverse range of styles, ensuring our team can adapt to different themes and settings, providing you with tailored photography and videography that suits your unique vision. Each portfolio is scrutinized for creativity, technical prowess, and the ability to convey emotion and narrative through imagery.

Experience and Skills

Experience and skills are paramount when hiring photographers and videographers at Joy Photo and Video. Our team members are seasoned professionals who understand the unique workflow of weddings. They are adept at anticipating and adapting to changes, ensuring that the couple remains calm and the day runs smoothly. We conduct thorough interviews, asking about past experiences, difficult situations, and how they handled challenging personalities. This helps us gauge their ability to perform under pressure and deliver exceptional results consistently.

We also test their ability to manage time effectively, direct groups for photos efficiently, and interact gracefully with guests. Their proficiency in handling different lighting conditions and venue types is evaluated to ensure they can produce high-quality results in any scenario.

a bride and bridesmaids in their bridesmaids robes

[Michelle and her bridesmaids photographed by JPV Photographer Jennifer De Los Santos in Houston, TX]

Gear and Equipment

A bride and groom outside in front of a lake

At Joy Photo and Video, we believe that excellent photography and videography require top-notch equipment. We only hire professionals who use high-quality gear such as mirrorless, full-frame DSLRs, multiple lenses (primes and zoom), stabilizers, lights, and audio equipment such as lavs and backup recorders. We also ensure they have backup gear and accessories to handle any unforeseen issues. This guarantees that our team is well-prepared to capture your wedding day flawlessly.

We inspect their equipment to confirm it meets our standards and verify they are proficient in using it. Their readiness to handle unexpected equipment failures and their ability to swiftly switch to backup gear are crucial aspects of our evaluation process.

[Linda + Fei in San Francisco, CA photographed by JPV Photographer Melissa Rianda]

Humility and Kindness

Apart from technical skills and experience, we value humility and kindness at Joy Photo and Video. We hire individuals who are humble, kind, easy to talk to, and easy to work with. Our team members are servant leaders willing to go the extra mile to make your wedding day perfect. Their approachable nature ensures that they blend seamlessly into your event, making everyone feel comfortable and at ease.

We assess their willingness to collaborate with other vendors and their capacity to adapt to the couple’s specific needs. Their humility and kindness are reflected in how they interact with guests, handle feedback, and contribute to a harmonious atmosphere.

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[Couple in spotlight: Alexis + Dyllon in San Diego, CA, filmed by JPV Videographer Alec Williams]

Problem-Solving Abilities

a bride and groom on their wedding day

Weddings can be unpredictable, and problem-solving abilities are crucial. At Joy Photo and Video, we seek professionals who can handle any scenario with grace and efficiency. During the hiring process, we delve into their past experiences, asking about difficult situations and how they managed them. This helps us ensure that they can perform exceptionally well, even in the worst scenarios, and remain responsible and reliable.

We explore their strategies for dealing with last-minute changes, unexpected weather conditions, and challenging venues. Their ability to think on their feet, remain calm under pressure, and come up with creative solutions is essential for ensuring a smooth and stress-free wedding day for our clients.

[Couple in Spotlight: Alice + Jeffrey in San Francisco, Photographed by JPV Photographer Delaney Mattson]

Commitment to Excellence

a bride and groom embracing each other at their ceremony

Joy Photo and Video is committed to excellence. We only hire photographers and videographers who share this commitment. Our thorough vetting process includes reviewing their gear, confirming it is not entry-level but high-quality. We ensure they have backup equipment and all necessary accessories, such as batteries and data cards, to guarantee seamless coverage of your wedding day.

We emphasize ongoing professional development, encouraging our team members to stay updated with the latest industry trends and techniques. Their dedication to continuous improvement and their passion for delivering outstanding results are key components of our commitment to excellence.

Choosing Joy Photo and Video means entrusting your wedding memories to a team that is meticulously selected for their personality, style, experience, technical skills, and commitment to excellence. How Joy Photo a and Video hires wedding professionals shows that we are committed to providing our clients with a high quality and memorable experience. We invite you to visit our website or chat with one of our consultants to book your date today and experience the exceptional service that Joy Photo and Video is known for.

Choose Joy,

The Joy Team

[Couples in Spotlight: Jessica + Joseph in Houston photographed by JPV Photographer Eliel Miotto, Edna + Justin in San Diego photographed by JPV Photographer Alec Williams, Kellie + Fletcher  in Dallas, TX, photographed by JPV photographer Lupe Zamora]


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