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How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost in Houston?

One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is that there are so many decisions to be made. And because we live in a society where most people don’t share actual dollar figures when it comes to wedding costs, it’s hard to know how much to spend on the varied aspects of your wedding.

From the wedding flowers to an officiant and the reception venue, cost will be variable depending on where you’re located.

So today, we’re speaking to our couples in Houston! Since Houston, Texas is the original home of Joy Photo and Video, it is a very special place to the Joy team!

In today’s blog, we answer one of the top questions that we receive from our Texan couples.

According to The Knot, in 2019 there was a study done with 27,000 couples. These couples spent $2,400 on wedding photography.

“Over half of all couples increased their original budget once they started planning—of that, 47 percent admitted to spending more on their photographer.”

Now remember that this is a NATIONAL average and only covers wedding photography.

Our estimates are that wedding photography and videography will cost anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000 for each individual service, if you’re having a traditional wedding in Houston.

While there are often packages offered to decrease the price if you plan to have both at your wedding, prices can still be steep and there are often hidden costs.

When working with wedding creative professionals, make sure to find out the answers to these questions before you sign on the dotted line for either photo or video. While some wedding photography costs in Houston may appear to be lower, they can creep up quickly if they aren’t comprehensive offerings. Ask:

  1. Is there a specific length of time that you will have with these creative professionals? How many shooters will there be?

  2. How many raw photos will you be given? Will you have full rights, or will they come with a watermark until purchased?

  3. Are there digital or print photo albums included or is this an added cost? If included, how many photos will be provided?

  4. What will the length of the video outputs be, and will you get the access to the footage?

  5. Are there other added costs that may be hidden? This could include requests such as partnering with you on a shot list, giving a specific turnaround time for deliverables, or the ability for an online file to be viewed or shared by an unlimited number of people.

We believe that brides and grooms deserve high quality wedding photography and videography that meets a variety of needs.

We offer standalone photo or video services as well as packages. Our prices come in well under the national average and are incredibly competitive in the Houston area.

We’re also very transparent about what each of our packages cost and all the items of what they will include so that there are no ‘surprises’ for our Joy couples.

Here’s how much wedding photography costs in Houston with our team:

  • A Joy photography package will cost $1,699 for 6 hours of coverage, 300+ HD photos, all raw files and a Pixieset digital album.

  • A Joy videography package will cost $1,400 for 6 hours of coverage, a 3+ minute HD highlight video and all raw files with full rights.

If you’re interested in BOTH photography and videography, a package will be more comprehensive and cost-effective.

  • Micro-wedding Photo+Video Package: A photo and video bundle will cost $1,899 for a micro-wedding for 4 hours of coverage, 200+ HD photos, a 2+ minute HD highlight video with all raw files (without watermarks) and full rights, and a Pixieset digital album.

  • Signature Photo+Video Package: A photo and video bundle will cost $2,499 for a signature package for 6 hours of coverage, 300+ HD photos, a 3+ minute HD highlight video with all raw files (without watermarks) and full rights, and a Pixieset digital album.

  • VIP Photo+Video Package: A photo and video bundle will cost $4,999 for a VIP package for 8 hours of coverage, ~400 HD photos, a ~4 minute HD highlight video with all raw files (without watermarks) and full rights, and a Pixieset digital album and a photo album. With the VIP package, you will also get sneak peeks 24 hours after the wedding! Bonus: a 2-hour bridal or engagement session, too!

We often have limited time promotions and can work with you to meet your needs. More details and portfolios are available on our website for you to review.

Meet our local wedding photographer team:

  • Jennifer is an accomplished photographer with over a decade of experience. She loves to draw inspiration from nature and landscapes. Her warm personality and genuine love of wedding photography translate into natural and timeless images. (P.S. she took the photos featured in this blog post!) See Jenn’s portfolio here.

  • Tori is our team athlete, and photography whiz. Tori has been practicing photography for nearly a decade. She is deeply inspired by couples and their stories. Her creativity behind the lens produces epic environmental portraits and captures the sweet intimacy of her clients. See Tori’s portfolio here.

  • Mekennah is a self-taught artist from Alaska. Her love for photography started at 11 years old and blossomed into her dream career. She has been photographing weddings for several years. Her greatest reward in her work is capturing intimate moments and details of her couple’s special day. See Mekennah’s portfolio here.

Meet our local wedding videographer team:

  • Tito is a 24-year-old artist from Anchorage, Alaska. He’s been in the creative business of professional filmmaking and storytelling for over 6 years. Having produced an Emmy-nominated short documentary and two feature films, his passion for creating and meeting new people has become a central theme in all of his endeavors.

  • Eddie is a Cali transplant with over 3 years working in film. Eddie attended UT in Austin and found his way to H-town. Eddie loves grabbing candid moments on the lens, and his creative style enables him to move through your wedding day flawlessly grabbing shots others may miss. Watch one of Eddie’s wedding videos here.

If you’d like to discuss your upcoming nuptials in Houston, we’d be over-joyed to answer any questions that you have on how the Joy team can help on your big day. Contact us today and then say cheese!

Looking for other wedding professionals based in Houston and surrounding areas that have the Joy stamp of approval? Check out our trusted partners!

Get your hair and makeup done by Kailey Adler, have a Christian wedding officiated by ordained minister Sammy Crosby, and get on the dance floor with live music by DJU Entertainment.

We hope this was helpful for you to learn more about how much wedding photography costs in Houston.

[Photoshoot in the spotlight: Haya and Omar Wedding Photos in Houston, Texas by Jenn.]

Choose Joy,

The Joy Team

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