How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost in Los Angeles?

To engaged couples located across the Los Angeles greater area: from Orange County, to San Bernardino, Riverside, and Ventura---this article is for you!

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California is one of the most recent locations which Joy Photo and Video has expanded to!

As the most populous state in the nation, we absolutely love the diversity of both people and activities across this great state. This beautiful melting pot helps to make for the foundation of incredible wedding experiences.

Wedding article: "How much does wedding photography cost in Los Angeles?"

If you’re engaged and currently planning a wedding here, you’re likely beginning to look at each of the line items in your budget. Because it is one of the wealthier states, Californian weddings consistently rank as some of the nation’s most expensive when you look at the average wedding will cost.

In 2020, an average wedding cost in California is $395 per wedding guest or a total of $26,049. And once you begin to travel up towards northern California, this greatly increases---up to $33,697 for an average wedding!

Both photo and video are important line items in these budgets, so we’d like to dig deeper on this for you as you begin your research.

While you may find that factors (such as specific city or wedding venue) will lead to significant variations in creative services, we estimate that the average wedding photography cost in Los Angeles and surrounding areas is between $2,000 and $4,000. You will also pay within the same range if you also want to include wedding videography.

At Joy Photo and Video, we don’t hide important details in the fine print. We provide robust offerings tailored to meet your individual wedding needs and help provide detailed breakdowns of our prices.

One of the most impactful and economical ways to get footage of your wedding is to find a company that provides both photo and video as part of the same package. While photographs will help tell the story of your big day, the sound and movement captured through videography will help bring those photos to life.

We’ve compiled our most popular offerings which may help as you begin researching an average wedding photography cost in Los Angeles. Here are the packages available through Joy Photo and Video:

Signature Package

For the price of $2,599, this package will get you 6 hours of coverage with one photographer and one videography. You will receive 300 edited photos, a 3-minute video, digital album, and sneak peeks.

Signature Plus Package

For the price of $2,999, you can get 8 hours of coverage with one photographer, one videographer and video assistance. You will receive 400 edited photos. A 4-minute video, audio of vows and speeches, a digital album, and sneak peeks.

VIP Package

Our top tier package, for the price of $5,999 will give you the most coverage and assets of all our offerings. You will get a 2-hour engagement or extra session, 10 hours of wedding day coverage, two photographers and two videographers along with a photo assistant and video assistant. You will receive 500 edited photos, a 5-minute video, audio of vows and speeches and an aerial drone. You will also receive a digital album, physical album, and sneak peeks.

Wedding photo and video packages for couples in Southern California

For each of our packages, you can also get the rights to all RAW files without watermarks (upon request.) We also offer individual services that you can add on to your package so that you can have a customized experience with everything that you are hoping for. From a livestream of your wedding ceremony to a printed album, you can select from a robust menu of special offerings.

Learn more about our packages here.

Wedding planning tips: photography and videography

We hope this helped answer your question: how much does wedding photography cost in Los Angeles?

If you happen to find quotes that come in lower than our estimate for the average wedding photography cost in Los Angeles, make sure to take your time to thoroughly research what’s included.

For example, you may not be given full rights to your assets, and a printed album could add a significant amount.

Like with many wedding details, make sure to uncover what may end up being hidden fees because these will get added to the total cost later in your planning process.

For couples across the nation, we aim to bring you more joy to your wedding day through video and photo which will last a lifetime.

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