How to Incorporate Florida Wedding Details

Updated: Jan 13

Getting married in Florida? Whether you’re a local or having a ‘domestination wedding’, this is the blog for you. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate Florida wedding details!

If you’re hoping to showcase your love for the Sunshine State throughout meaningful parts of your wedding experience, there are both subtle ways and elements which are more obvious. From the beauty of the state, to the deep-rooted culture, you have plenty of options to see what feels right for the big day.

Here’s How to Add Floridian-Flair to Pre-Wedding Activities

If you plan to give the state of Florida some love throughout your wedding details, begin to introduce them into your pre-wedding planning logistics. Beginning early on will help to strengthen the theme of your wedding by creating repetition that consistently carries through.

Florida beach engagement session by Joy Photo and Video
  • Engagement photoshoot location: Since Florida is surrounded by water on three sides, you don’t have to go far to find a beautiful backdrop of water!

If you’re lovers of the ocean but seaside nuptials don’t fit your vibe, opt for a beach engagement session. The earthy tones of the sand and water can lead to breathtaking photos, like this incredible session Jacksonville engagement session by Kelsey.

And if you want a photographer to help capture your engagement photos, we have team members in the major cities in Florida. For a limited time, we’re also offering free engagement photoshoots when you purchase another package. Get in touch with us today.

  • Wedding save-the-dates or invitations: First, identify your wedding theme, and then see how you can add design elements or color schemes which help fit the vibe. Some solid themes to help incorporate Florida wedding details includes: Art Deco, Havana Nights, or Oceanside Oasis.

  • Wedding hashtag: Look up an online wedding hashtag generator and type in words that are destination-based, such as “Florida” or the city name (Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, etc.) If you have an element of your theme to highlight, such as tropical, ocean, or Disney, then test to see if any of those feel like a good place to start before you add some personalization. The best way to use a wedding hashtag is: early and often! Begin to incorporate your hashtag right after your engagement. This will start to organize your wedding experience online and get your wedding guests comfortable with seeing (and using) it.

  • Bridal shower or bachelorette/bachelor parties: A flamingo themed bachelorette party combine beach vibes with playful fun. Imagine sitting poolside with your girls while sitting in a flamingo-pool float! And don’t forget about the play of words that could be shared on invitations, sashes, or party decor: “Ready to flamingle?” “Bride’s flock.” “<Name’s> final flamingle.” Or “Let’s get flocked up.” For the guys: rent a party bus and head to a Cuban cigar bar or enjoy a night in Miami nightlife. If you want something more active, consider going on a fishing trip or on an airboat safari ride through the Everglades National Park.

Ideas for Florida Details for Your Wedding Ceremony

Once you’ve decided on your theme and the RSVP’s start coming in, the rest of the details will fall into place. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate Florida wedding details.

Swanky Florida rooftop wedding captured by Joy Photo and Video
  • Location: Whether it’s a swanky hotel rooftop, beach lined with palm trees (or a combination of both), there are plenty of beautiful venues that scream FLORIDA! If you opt for an outdoor ceremony, don’t host the wedding during peak summer months or mid-day. If you can’t get away from either of these, we suggest serving a cold drink, having individual fans, or placing outdoor misters for your wedding guests to cool down.

  • Flowers: The Orange Blossom is the official state flower and one of the most fragrant blossoms you will find. It’s dainty and white with a pop of yellow in the center. Incorporate it into your bridal bouquet or boutonnieres. This floral pattern could also be added as an artistic design to signage or even on your china patterns.

In addition to the Orange Blossom, there are 3,000 different types of wildflowers in the state! Wildflowers can bring levity to a formal design and is an easy way to bring in color.

How to incorporate Florida wedding details, including Disney-related wedding details
  • Colors: The most prominent colors are the Florida state flag are white and red. Showcase your state pride by incorporating one, or both colors, throughout your wedding ceremony décor.

  • Signage: If you’re fans of Disney, give a nod to your favorite fairytale through signage placed in prominent places throughout your wedding ceremony.

  • Florida-themed guest book: If Florida is meaningful to you because it’s where you met, where you live, or are getting married, select a guest book that features the state. There are plenty of options ranging from custom printed maps to rustic wooden signs.

(Have these made in either your wedding colors or those of the color scheme in your home. Once they are signed, they can be framed and showcased in your future home.) Check out these Florida map guest books on Etsy.

  • Gifts: We love the idea of custom-printed sunglasses with monogrammed beach totes or towels for your bridal party. For the guys, opt for a nice Cuban cigar, engraved shot glass, or luxe cuff links.

Ways to Incorporate Florida into Your Wedding Reception

At this point, you’ve already done so much to highlight this awesome state! Now it’s time to tie it all together and go out with a bang. Here are tips on how to incorporate Florida wedding details into your wedding reception.

  • Music: Feature Latin favorites to give a nod to the local Latino and Cuban community and get everyone on the dancefloor. (Pitbull, Camila Cabello, or Enrique Iglesias won’t disappoint.) You can also have your DJ or live band play well-loved artists that got their start in the area; this includes Ariana Grande, Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, KC and the Sunshine Band, Florida Georgia Line, or Lynard Skynard.

  • Local drinks: Since orange juice is the official beverage of the state, find a way to incorporate classic OJ into your drinks---from Mimosas to Screwdrivers. Other well-known drinks that pair well with a tropical vibe are the Rum Runner, Margarita, Miami Vice, Mojito, or Pina Coladas.

  • Centerpieces: Speaking of oranges, you can do some neat things with your centerpieces. Choose towering centerpieces in a clear vase and put oranges in the bottom. Or highlight your ocean theme and have small fish tanks throughout your ceremony. (Don’t do too many or you’ll have fish left over! If you alternate a small fishbowl on every other table, then these could be given away at the end of the night.)

Red and white four-tier wedding cake showcasing state-pride for the Sunshine State

Food: Depending on the vibe of your wedding, there are many different types of foods to feature that are well-known and loved. Options range from Cuban sandwiches, to fried gator bites, to fresh snapper. And don’t forget the incredible, sweet fruit: grapefruit, watermelon, or orange-flavored just-about-anything!

  • Dessert: Could we have a blog about how to incorporate Florida wedding details without mentioning key lime pie? Nope! Mini key lime pies or flavored cupcakes will be a sweet treat to end the night. And don’t forget your wedding cake. Incorporate a custom state-worthy cake topper in the form of a mascot or symbol. Or use this as another design element to showcase the colors of the Florida flag (red and white.)

  • Wedding favors: Think tropical: soap that’s orange scented, koozies with a palm tree or flamingo print, or custom fans.

  • Ceremony exit: To end the night of fantastic Florida nuptials, it’s only right to leave your wedding ceremony in a carriage! Or opt for a flashy sports car (the most well known in the area is a Ford Mustang.)

Disney wedding exit and other ideas for a Disney wedding theme

We hope this was helpful for you to get inspired on how to incorporate Florida wedding details.

We LOVE this state and the many opportunities to make your wedding day feel personal and dynamic. If you’re located in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, or Jacksonville, we have photographers and videographers available to support your wedding day needs. Check out our Florida portfolio here. We still have availability in 2022 and are actively booking for 2023. Reach out to us today.

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