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How to Incorporate Texas Wedding Details

If there’s one thing that makes Texas stand out from other states in the nation, it’s the immense pride that many Texans have about the ‘Lone Star State.’

If you’re planning a wedding and would like to add some of your state pride, here are some ideas on how to incorporate Texas wedding details from our local Joy Photo and Video team.

The great thing about planning a wedding theme around the love of either your home state, or the state where your love story began, is that you can incorporate these things into both big and small ways throughout the different phases of your wedding planning activities.

Engagement ring on a cactus in Dallas, Texas engagement photoshoot by Joy Photo and Video

From the clothing you select for your engagement photoshoot to the social media hashtag, here is how to incorporate Texas wedding details (before you even get to the wedding!) Remember: the BEST wedding themes start EARLY, before the big day.

  • Engagement photoshoot location: Take engagement photos on a farm, surrounded by cactus, in a sea of Texas bluebonnets, in front of a city skyline or beside a well-known building in your city.

  • Engagement photoshoot style: Add some country into one or both of your styling when you take your engagement photos. You could wear a cowboy hat, boots, denim, a belt buckle, jewelry or even something special for your manicure. Don’t feel like you must force this; your look should resemble who you are (as individuals and as a couple.)

  • Wedding save-the-dates or invitations: If you incorporate Texas details into your engagement photoshoot, that will make for an easy way to carry the theme through to your save-the-dates or invitations by adding in one of these photos. You could also leverage a state symbol with specific flowers (bluebonnets, yellow roses) or animals (Northern Mockingbird, Longhorns). Or give a nod to the state through colors: red, white and/or blue, or those of your favorite college football team.

  • Wedding hashtag: Not sure how to come up with one? Here is wedding hashtag generator that you can play around with. Try putting ‘Texas’ your ‘City’ or a ‘State mascot/saying’ in place of either one of the name spaces or in lieu of the wedding date and see if it gives you some inspiration.

  • Bridal shower or bachelorette/bachelor parties: These parties should represent who you are and what’s important to you. This could look like southern details being incorporated into your bridal shower, like decorating with mason jars or having all guests bring a hand-written recipe that’s been passed down for generations. For the wilder parties you can enjoy margaritas and Tex-Mex food, wear matching hats while line dancing, or with unique alcohol tasting with flights of Bourbon, or shots of handcrafted whiskey.

If you want a photographer to help capture your engagement photos, we have team members in the major Texan-cities and surrounding areas. For a limited time, we’re also offering free engagement photoshoots when you purchase another package. Get in touch with us today.

Country couple engagement photoshoot with tips for planning a Texas wedding

Before you start deciding on the small details of your ceremony, begin by picking your wedding theme. Is it going to be straight out of a cowboy movie, top-of-the-line glamour, or shabby-chic? (Maybe somewhere in between.)

You can incorporate Texas wedding details with any of these scenarios, but the direction of the look and feel may change once the theme has been decided.

  • Location: From iconic wedding hotels or venues to barns located far out in the country, your location can help elevate both your theme and the Texas-feel. (Do keep in mind that choosing a more remote location may initially be cheaper to rent but could require more rentals, while set location spaces could be more expensive but already include some of the important basics like chairs or built-in catering options.)

  • Country-chic décor: From hay bale seating to mason jars or rustic signage, there are so many ways to add Texas into your ceremony (and reception) décor. Tip: get a rustic sign personalized with your new last name or wedding date. Have it made in either neutral colors or ones that match the décor of your future home, so that you can hang it in a special place for years to come.

  • Flowers: Don’t underestimate the importance of flowers when trying to bring a wedding theme to life! Texas weddings often incorporate yellow roses, baby’s-breath, sunflowers, and bluebonnets. Line the aisles with bunches of baby’s-breath hanging upside down, add some bluebonnets to a bouquet of white flowers, or showcase a pop of color with a sunflower boutonniere.

  • Texas-themed guest book: Select a guestbook that highlights something memorable about your state or the city in which you both live.

  • Gifts: Whether for your bridal party, parents of the bride or groom, or to welcome your guests at the entrance of the ceremony, this is an easy way to elevate the theme. Give gifts like Texas-themed flasks, bottle openers, handkerchiefs, or spices. You could also showcase what’s good about the state through items made by local artisans like handcrafted candles or coasters.

  • Colors: Incorporate red, white and/or blue, or those of your favorite college teams, in either subtle or obvious ways. This could either be in décor or into details like confetti to be thrown in the air as you exit the aisle.

At this point, you’ve already done so much to highlight this awesome state! Now it’s time to tie it all together and go out with a bang. Here are tips on how to incorporate Texas wedding details into your wedding reception.

  • Boots: Cowboy boots are no longer just boots! Buy a new pair to serve as a table centerpiece or alternative flower vase.

  • Music: Highlight country music on your wedding playlist or highlight local artists (either through your DJ or by hiring a live band). Music will not only get your guests moving but can help bring your theme to life.

  • Local drinks: Promote local brewed beer like Shiner Bock, serve spiked sweet tea, or customize the names of a signature drink.

  • Southern food: From a baked potato or grits bar, to yummy barbeque, or Tex-Mex chips and salsa at every table, incorporate Texas wedding details through your food offerings. If you choose a different type of cuisine so that it reflects more of who you are as a couple and the types of foods that you typically enjoy, then give it a side of spice with some jalapenos!

Whataburger midnight snack at Houston wedding reception and other ideas for Texas wedding details
  • Dessert: Bring in your theme with wedding cake or a dessert table! Whether you have one traditional wedding cake or also plan to add on a groom’s cake, talk to the bakery or wedding cake designer to get their ideas for Texas details that may complement your existing theme. And depending on your budget, you could also offer a dessert table with miniature individual pies, cupcakes or Texas-shaped cookies.

  • After-party snacks: Serve WHATABURGER, Bluebell ice cream, or Dr. Pepper floats to help give help give some energy back to your guests after a long night of dancing. They will likely be hungry and will really appreciate the midnight snack.

  • Give away Texas-themed wedding favors: This could include ‘don’t mess with Texas' memorabilia like soaps or a koozie, or packets of bluebonnet seeds for your guests to plant themselves.

We hope this was helpful for you to get inspired on how to incorporate Texas wedding details leading up to and during your big day. If this state is important to you and plays a role in your love story, find a way to give it a small part of the spotlight! For more tips, check out this ‘Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Texas’ by The Knot.

And if you’re looking for a photographer or videographer to help capture these details, we have a professional team based in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help bring more joy to your engagement and wedding day through photography and videography.

We offer a variety of packages, including: Engagement, Micro-weddings, Signature and a VIP Package. If anyone understands Texan-pride, we do!

Choose Joy,

The Joy Team


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