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How to Select Colors for Your Spring Wedding

Updated: May 22, 2023

After a few years of the wedding industry being impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, wedding planning is back in full swing, and we anticipate that there will be another explosion of spring weddings. Since Labor Day has now come and gone, our spring brides are switching into high gear for their 2023 weddings!

How to Select Colors for Your Spring 2023 Wedding

Spring weddings are some of our favorites. They represent the transition of seasons: between winter and summer. The weather is (typically) lovely at this time---whether you’re in Tampa or in Dallas. The flowers are beginning to bloom and there’s a lot of flexibility with colors. You can be a little bit more playful since you’re coming out of the winter color schemes and start drawing inspiration from summertime color palettes.

If you're trying to figure out how to select colors for your spring wedding, this article is for you.

5 Ways to Plan Your Spring Wedding Colors

Trying to figure out your wedding theme? Selecting your colors will be a great place to start. It’s not just about colors. Once you start to put your color story together, it will help you to begin to envision your wedding in a whole new way.

Here are our best tips for how to select colors for your spring wedding.

1. To select your spring wedding colors, begin by looking at the shades that color your world. What you might not realize is that there’s already a color scheme that makes up the world in which you live. When you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee in your kitchen, look around. When you and your significant other go to your favorite date night spot, take note of the colors. Think about the clothes which you gravitate towards. The paintings which bring you joy. And the color of the walls on the home that you will both share. These colors likely represent where you and your significant other feel comfortable---and that’s going to be an important start as you start to make decisions.

2. Use spring flowers as the foundation for your wedding color scheme. Since spring is technically March-June, the best flowers of the season will vary depending on your wedding timeline falls. According to Zola, here is everything you need to know about your spring wedding flowers.

Wedding photography and spring wedding planning tips

“There are two considerations when finding flowers in season. "There are two kinds of in-season flowers here on the east coast—those available from the wholesaler and those that are locally-grown," says Sarah Chiffriller, owner of Petals & Twigs in Richmond, Virginia.

If you’re trying to build a particular color palette, your florist can suggest locally grown and wholesale blooms. And there are perks to both. “The advantage of purchasing in-season flowers from the wholesaler is the cost is stabilized, because there is plenty of product,” says Chiffriller. “For locally grown flowers, your choices are more limited, but the quality and color are much better.”

Towards the beginning of spring, shares that the best seasonal flowers will be the following:

The best flowers for a spring wedding
  • Daffodil

  • Lily of the Valley

  • Tulip

  • Hyacinth

  • Iris

  • Lilac

  • Double Tulip

As you move through the season and get into May and June, the best flowers will be:

  • Peony

  • Orchid

  • Dogwood

  • Magnolia

  • Carnation

  • Roses

3. Look at your wedding logistics for inspiration. Do you have any details that have been planned yet---from the venue to the overarching theme? Some of the initial decisions that have been made may help you to determine which colors you want and don't want. (Sometimes ruling out a color palette can be very helpful to begin to narrow down your choices.)

4. Do some research on contrasting colors. Most wedding color schemes consist of 2-3 wedding colors. This will allow for you to have some flexibility when selecting details, and your design won’t be overwhelmed by just one color.

Many couples try to select colors which contrast. This will add more diversity to your décor and allow for the colors to complement one another. You can choose opposites sides of the color wheel: like blush pink and burgundy or navy. Or add a neutral, like baby blue and taupe or yellow and grey.

Spring wedding planning tips for brides in Texas and Florida

Pinterest is one of the best tools to help you figure out how to select your spring wedding colors! We recommend typing in a variety of search terms so that you can see real examples of other weddings. This will not only bring it to life, but you’ll likely begin to gravitate towards new colors (which you hadn’t previously considered.)

Try terms like:

  • Spring wedding inspiration

  • Best colors for a spring wedding

  • Spring wedding color palette

  • Spring wedding color combinations

  • Spring color palette

  • Unique spring wedding colors

  • Contrasting spring wedding colors

  • Spring wedding flowers

  • Wedding color palette using ‘(fill in the blank with color)’

  • (Fill in the blank with color) wedding color contrast

  • (Add your wedding theme) fall wedding colors

  • (Add a wedding descriptor like ‘romantic’ or ‘outdoor’) fall wedding colors

5. Turn to your wedding planning team for ideas. The saying “it takes a village” is one of the best ways to describe a wedding! From the coordinator to the caterer, a successful wedding takes a strong team of professionals to help execute. Regardless of the type of role that they play, one of the things that wedding pros have in common is that they have helped with events. Leverage their expertise and try asking them questions like these:

  • What are the most unexpected spring wedding color combinations that you’ve seen?

  • What’s your favorite color for a spring wedding?

  • Is there a color or color palette that would complement (insert fill in the blank, i.e. the venue)?

If you’re getting married next March, April, or May of 2023, we hope you took notes from our best tips for how to select colors for your spring wedding. If you’re looking for a photographer or videographer, we support Joy couples in Florida and Texas.

From Austin to Miami, we have a team of pros who are ready and willing to help bring you joy. Check out our portfolio, then get in touch with us to book your spring nuptials. We’re here to help with the creative aspects of your wedding.

[Photoshoots in the spotlight: Samantha + Matthew in Dallas, Texas and Sarah + Delilah in Jacksonville, Florida.]

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