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Photos to Take with Your Mom on Your Wedding Day

Updated: May 13, 2023

If you’re planning your wedding shot list and thinking through important people for the photographer and videographer to capture, your parents are likely on that list! So today, we’re putting Mom in the spotlight.

Beginning to plan for the poses or scenarios that you’d like to have captured will help you start to envision what the big day will be like. Here are photos to take with your mom on your wedding day.

Wedding planning tips: photos to take with your mom on the big day

(While our examples share the role of a mother, this can also be relevant for another special lady who helped fill this important role in your life.)

Wedding Photography Ideas: Mother of the Bride

At many weddings, the Mother of the Bride typically serves as an extension of the bridal party because she is present for the key moments. The Getting Ready photos (before the ceremony) will be the best place to start to capture some priceless memories with Mom.

  • Matching Getting Ready Looks (Robes or Shirts) If you plan to get hair and makeup done while wearing complementary or identical outfits, make sure to get some photos together. Get some with your bridesmaids in the frame, and some with just Mom.

  • Exchanging Gifts Whether it’s a piece of family heirloom jewelry that she gives you, or an embroidered handkerchief that you give her, this can make for a sweet moment from behind the camera.

  • Putting on Your Gown When you step into the gown, reality will sink in. This isn’t your Sunday best or a prom dress, so this is a very special moment that you can share with your mom. (She might need to help with the bustle, buttons, or getting your shoes on underneath all of the layers!) And one of the best photos to take with your mom on your wedding day: once you’re in the dress, stand in front of the mirror together and look at your reflection.

Wedding photography shot list advice by Joy Photo and Video

  • Putting on Your Veil or Accessories You might need assistance with securing your veil, closing the clasp on a necklace, or putting the straps together on your shoes. Since you’ll already be standing closely together, this is a natural moment that makes sense to get captured.

  • Saying Cheers to Orange Juice or a Mimosa Allow her to do an informal toast to set the mood, and then clink your glasses together!

  • Having a First Look Have her stand in line with your bridesmaids and the photographer can capture their reactions to seeing you for the first time. (Even if she was helping to get you in the gown, this will still be a sentimental moment for her.)

  • Looking at Her Significant Other If you’re doing a first look with Dad, have your mom there to witness it! By now, she’s already seen you, so it will be meaningful for her to be able to watch his reaction.

  • Hugging You can hug facing one another, or grab a photo with your arms around each other. (There will probably be a few hugs throughout the day!) If your grandmother plans to be there, the photographer can grab a few legacy photos with the three of you together.

  • Looking at Each Other Lean towards one another with your foreheads facing towards one another or touching. This can be a sweet moment to recreate at other life events later on in life, too.

Wedding photo inspiration for the Mother of the Bride

  • Dancing Together Get silly and bust a move together throughout the day, from shaking off the ‘getting ready nerves’, to line dancing at the reception.

Wedding Photo Inspiration: Mother of the Groom

Wedding photo ideas for the Mother of the Groom
  • Putting on Your Tie, Bow Tie, or Boutonniere This is one of our favorite photos to take with your mom on your wedding day because it enables a moment of closeness. She will likely take a walk down memory lane, like when she taught you to tie your first tie or put on your boutonniere before prom.

  • Putting on Her Corsage Since the Mother of the Groom does not typically carry a bouquet of flowers, a corsage adds a dainty touch. Slip it onto her wrist and let the photographer capture the moment.

(Learn about all things corsages and boutonnieres here.)

  • Walking Down the Aisle At most traditional weddings, the groom, groomsman or your Dad will plan to walk Mom and Grandma down the aisle.

  • Looking at the Happy Couple Capturing the authentic joy that lights up in Mom’s eyes as she looks at the happy couple in love during the wedding reception is absolutely priceless!

Wedding planning tips: Photos to take with your mom on your wedding day

Groom dances with his mom at a wedding reception in Texas, captured by Joy Photo and Video
  • Dancing Your Mother-Son Dance at the Reception Have the DJ put on that hand-selected song and take your mom out for a spin on the dance floor.

While you’ll be busy dancing, you’re also probably going to be talking about memories or sharing your favorite moments of the day so far.

(For all of the Momma’s Boys out there, this will likely be one of the highlights of the night!)

  • Kissing Your Cheek This can make for a very sweet moment! You kiss her cheek or she can kiss your cheek. This is a cute pose to include your bride in, too…have them both kiss a cheek on either side of you!

Get Connected with a Wedding Photographer and Videographer

We hope you enjoyed the inspiration for 15 photos to take with your mom on your wedding day. Mom’s play a very special role and deserve to be positioned in a place of honor at your wedding.

Since you’re all dolled up and loved ones from near and far will join together on your big day, these photos will make for some of the most important in the highlight reel of your life.

Still looking for the right fit? We have a team of wedding photographers and videographers across the great state of Texas who can help bring more joy to your big day. We will partner closely with you on custom timelines and learn about the VIPs in your life (like Mom) who should be photographed. Contact us to learn more about our services today.

[Photoshoots in the spotlight: Averie + Zander in San Antonio and Sierra + Austin in Dallas, Texas.]

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