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Pose Ideas for Your Beach Engagement Photos

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Beach engagement sessions are some of our favorites to capture—the photos in this blog will show you why!

Engagement ring photo inspiration at the beach

Before we dig in to pose ideas for beach engagement photos…did you know that we’re offering a free one-hour session with the purchase of a wedding package? Once you’re done reading the tips shared in this article, click here to get all of the details for how to get this special offer in Texas.

Planning an engagement session in the midst of sand and waves? This blog is for you! Many of our Joy couples getting photos captured on the coast need help with figuring out how to pose in a natural way. Here are 15 of the best pose ideas for beach engagement photos.

Traditional Poses for a Beach Engagement Photoshoot

If you’re looking for poses which scream ‘classic beach photoshoot’, here is some inspiration for the types of photos that you can take. The best part about getting your photos taken together at the beach is that you can still come away with some options that feel traditional, without feeling stuffy or overly formal.

Ideas for poses at a beach engagement session

Try some of these poses:

  • Walk hand in hand in the sand. This can lead to a sweet photo that brings out all of the feels. Holding hands will keep you close together, while still bringing in expansive views to help balance out the shot.

  • Pucker up, with one foot off the ground. This is a cute pose! Try some different types of kissing photos, from kissing on the lips to either one of you kissing a cheek. We like this pose because it adds some visual interest with the angles that get made.

  • Sit together, facing each other. Sitting directly on the sand or with a blanket or towel underneath can give you some great options for poses. By sitting cross-legged and facing one another, this also gives you the opportunity to have a quiet moment together which can help reality sink in.

Beach engagement photography in Florida by Joy Photo and Video

  • Sit together, with one or both you looking into the distance. This pose will allow for some more serious, pensive, and hope-filled emotions to come through the lens as you look towards your future.

  • Sit together, one person looking over the other's shoulder. This pose feels intimate and is a great one to show off the engagement ring!

  • Showcase the engagement ring in aquatic settings. Place the ring in a handful of shells, near a sandcastle, or on the sand with a heart and your initials or future shared last name drawn around it.

  • Have one person hug from the other from behind their back. This can be especially beautiful if you have different colors or shapes in the background, like rocks or a pier. (And if this turns into a silly moment of unexpected tickling, you’re bound to get some joyful photos!)

Ideas for beach engagement photography poses
  • Pose on a bench or pier. Be on the lookout for a nearby structure that you can sit or stand on together. Depending on the setting, this could be a bench, pier, lifeguard station, on tandem bikes, or even leaning up against a large palm tree. The change in scenery will add diversity to your photo album. You’ll also have you the ability to pose in ways that you wouldn't typically if you were only in the sand for the full session.

  • Walk hand in hand near the water line. If you want to elevate the role that the ocean plays in some of your photos, start getting closer to the water. The waves will add some natural movement to the shot and amp up the romance. (This one is the last on this list because you could potentially get splashed as you get closer to the water.)

Fun Poses for a Beach Engagement Session

Want to get more creative with pose ideas for beach engagement photos? These will bring out your personality in some really unique ways and highlight the joy!

How to pose at your beach engagement photo session

  • Pop some champagne. A bottle of bubbly makes for an awesome engagement session prop! Bring some photo-worthy champagne flutes and your favorite bottle. The bubbles can add some visual interest and help lighten the mood. (Just make sure the engagement ring is facing the camera!) And the glasses will bring back special memories of this chapter in your relationship for years to come.

Beach engagement photography by Joy Photo and Video
  • Include your fur baby. If you want to incorporate your family pet in your wedding but the logistics don’t make sense, bring them to the engagement session! (Just make sure you have someone who can be the ‘handler’ so that you aren’t distracted the whole time!)

  • Slow dance in the sand. Bust out your dance moves: try some twirls, embrace each other in different dance styles, and then have some fun with some faster moves. One perk of still photography? It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet because the camera won’t be able to capture that…

  • Run towards the water. This photo will look like a postcard that makes you want to go on an exotic vacation. Try some where you’re looking directly to the horizon, and then look back at the camera, too.

  • Run in the opposite direction of the water. We love the carefree feeling that this image evokes and think it’s one of the best pose ideas for beach engagement photos!

Engagement article: how to pose at the beach when taking engagement photos
  • Take a piggyback ride in the water. This should definitely be the last pose on your list because you’re likely to get wet, but it’s one of our absolute favorites! Make sure to save all the photos near the water line, or directly in the water, for the end of your session. This is a fun photograph that will be frame-worthy for years to come.

We hope you liked these pose ideas for your beach engagement photos. If you’re getting married near the beach or incorporating the ocean into your theme, these poses would be great to feature in printouts or signage throughout your wedding ceremony or reception.

(All of the photos featured here were captured in Florida of real Joy couples!)

Tips for Your Beach Engagement Photo Session

We have pros across the country and a lot of experience with beach sessions. If you work with Joy Photo and Video, we’ll help come up with the best plans (from time of day, to beach location.) And once we’re on location, we work closely with our couples to make sure they're comfortable in front of the camera.

Now that you’ve got the poses planned, here are a few more tips.

  1. Work with your photographer to decide on the best time of day. Typically, morning (before 10AM) or early evening (4-5PM) but this could vary depending on the season or environment.

  2. Be mindful of the setting with your styling. A little extra gel or hair spray would be wise in case the wind picks up. And if you have longer hair, have an extra hair clip, or tie handy. Don’t overdo it with color or patterns because it could be distracting with everything happening around you. And lastly, since most beach sessions will have you barefoot, pedicures wouldn’t be a bad idea—for the both of you!

  3. Have a change of clothes packed. This is important because you might get wet—whether it’s part of the plans or not! This is especially helpful if you start your session at the beach but plan to shoot at another location.

  4. Consider whether you’d like to include props. This could include a bright beach towel, monogrammed cozy blanket, picnic set up, or champagne bottle. Planning this with your photographer in advance might influence what you decide to wear.

  5. Don’t forget your sunscreen! This may seem silly, but if your skin burns easily or your session ends up taking place in high sun exposure areas, sunscreen is a must. You’ll be protected from the rays (and potentially from turning red during the session!)

Tips for beach engagement photos, from posing to styling

To us, it’s not about making sure you get ‘the perfect posing’ down, but it’s all about showcasing your love story. We love having the honor to highlight an important chapter of your relationship and will help you look and feel your best. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, check out a list of our offerings here.

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Choose Joy,

The Joy Team


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