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Pose Ideas for Your Fall Engagement Photos

Cozy sweaters, apple pie, and family trips to the pumpkin patch means it must be fall! But what’s even better than that? It’s time for fall engagement photos---one of our favorite times of the year.

Whether you’re featuring a seasonal accessory, a unique location, or a pose, this time of year will give you options for photography that summer or winter will not provide. And depending on where you’re located, it’s likely not too hot or too cold, which means that outdoor photo options are a must.

Classic Poses for Your Fall Engagement Session

This is one of our favorite times of the year for engagement and wedding photo sessions because it’s a transitional season that allows for a lot of flexibility. Here are some frame-worthy traditional photo ideas for your autumn or fall engagement session.

  • Bundle up under a blanket wrapped around the both of you. This is a sweet photo that will give you an ‘excuse’ to get close.

  • Enjoy s’mores while being nestled up together by a fire. (The golden glow of the fire will be incredibly romantic, and this will be a unique setting that you can add to your engagement album!)

  • Sit on the hood of a parked car or lean on another type of transportation. Whether it’s an old-timey car, piece of farm equipment, or motorcycle, this photo helps to showcase a feeling of adventure.

  • Pose with a personalized piece of clothing thrown over your shoulder, like a jean jacket with your new last name. This will add an extra, special touch, while giving you an extra layer of clothing that you can play with.

  • Wear a scarf around the neck of one or both of you. Then pull each other in close for a kiss.

  • Have a cozy hug on the couch in a laid-back at home photoshoot. Top it off with a mug filled with hot chocolate or apple cider and cuddle up under a knit blanket.

Fall Engagement Photo Ideas Using Elements of Nature

Outdoor fall sessions often feature beautiful colors with just the right amount of light. If you’re taking pictures in the outdoors, here are some pose ideas for your fall engagement photos.

  • Put the engagement ring around the stem of a pumpkin and hold it in your hands. This is a fun photo that will help to elevate this time of year and in your courtship.

  • Feature your wedding date carved into a pumpkin or written onto a leaf. (This is perfect for a save-the-date!)

  • Enjoy a piggy-back ride through a field of corn or wildflowers. It’s highly likely that a few pictures will be captured with big grins and giggles! (This is one of our favorite poses for your fall engagement photos!)

  • Put a colorful leaf in front of your faces while you kiss. This is an easy way to help amp up the romance.

  • Throw leaves up in the air so that they’re flying around you. The leaves will add some movement, colorful, and playfulness to your session.

  • Hold hands while you sit side by side on the porch. This will help give you a glimpse into your future as an ol' married couple!

  • Sit on a bale of hay. (This is one of the best pose ideas for your fall engagement photos if you’re planning a country engagement session or rustic wedding.)

What to Wear for Your Fall Engagement Photo Session

Since you’ve gotten inspiration on poses for your fall engagement photos, it’s time to pick out your outfits. Consider these five tips on what you can both wear and check out this article from The Knot for additional advice.

1. Wear a well-known fall print, like flannel. To avoid being too matchy-matchy or distracting, one of you can wear the print and the other can wear contrasting colors.

2. Select cozy materials to add additional texture to your photos. This will help to elevate your looks by adding visual interest.

3. Don’t be too ‘on-the-nose’ with your color selections. Just because you’re taking photos in the fall, doesn’t mean that you need to be wearing orange or brown. Neutrals work perfectly, too!

4. Choose boots or tennis shoes that match in color tones. While you don’t have to wear the same color, if your shoes are similar then this will help simplify the photograph.

5. Add accessories for additional poses and diversity of photo options. Whether it’s a hat, scarf, or leather jacket, this will provide you with some flexibility.

We hope you enjoyed getting inspiration with clothing and poses for your fall engagement photos. Whether you need photos for a save-the-date, your wedding website, or thank you cards, there’s always a good reason to get engagement photos taken!

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[Photoshoot in the spotlight: Samantha and Yovani in Miami, Florida.]

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