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Wedding Exits That Make the Best Photographs

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Whether you’re exiting the ceremony space after “I do” or saying goodbye to your loved ones after the reception, there are plenty of ways to make this a special moment. And like any meaningful memory that takes place on your big day---make sure that photographic evidence is captured!

We’ve supported many Joy couples, which means that we’ve documented a variety of grand exits! Here are our top 10 wedding exits that make the best photographs.

Ceremony Exits That Lead to Priceless Wedding Photos

One of the best parts about the ceremony exit is that all your special guests will be in attendance. (Unlike the reception exit since many of these take place later at night, which might be after some of your friends and family go home.)

When you leave the ceremony space, this will be the transitional period that officially switches gears to the next part of the event. Going out with a bang will help to give everyone an extra boost of energy for what lies ahead.

Wedding Exits That Make The Best Photographs

Here are 5 wedding exits that make the best photographs after the ceremony:

Amp up the festivities by having your guests throw confetti, streamers, or wave ribbon wands. What’s better to get your guests in a party mood than actual party supplies?

Provide bubbles for your guests to blow in the air. Bubbles bring a whimsical feeling. And because of the iridescent colors and unique shapes, this will help to make for great photographs.

Plus, since they’re a rare sighting at other adult parties then they will help to make the day feel that much more special.

Toss rice, lavender buds, flower petals, glitter, sequins (or a similar item) in the air. Or for a more seasonal flair, include leaves or artificial snow. If you’re looking for something traditional, this is one of the most popular wedding exits that make the best photographs, and you can always find ways to make it your own.

According to Brides, this is the meaning behind this age-old wedding tradition: “The rice toss is a symbolic wish to the just-married couple for a life of prosperity and fruitfulness, which to the ancients meant many children. As a blessing, guests shower the couple with rice as they exit the ceremony.”

Add dynamic movement to the shot by having your guests release balloons. White balloons or those featuring the color of your wedding theme will help to add to the celebratory feeling of your exit. (You could even get them monogrammed or printed with your custom wedding logo.) A more unique alternative to balloons that would be suitable for a beach wedding: beach balls!

Leave your ceremony in a classic car or motorcycle so that it’s captured in broad daylight. The reason we love this one as a ceremony exit is because your guests will be able to visibly see your unique mode of transportation. While we are big fans of a grand reception exit with unique transportation (keep reading), visibility may be limited at night because of the nighttime lighting. There also might be limited space allotted in the driveway where you will exit, which might make it harder for people to see. Ditch the limo and leave the ceremony together as a married couple in a cool ride!

Wedding planning tips from Joy Photo and Video: wedding ceremony exit ideas

Tip: if you’re concerned about the environment then look for eco-friendly ceremony exit options like birdseed, biodegradable balloons, or confetti made from recycled materials.

Grand Wedding Reception Exits for the Best Photographs

After many months of planning, the reception exit is when you will leave the day-of wedding logistics behind you. Make sure to end the night in a memorable way.

Tip: Work with your wedding coordinator to get the guests in place and ready to help send you off. While they are doing this, we highly recommend a “Last Dance.” (Just the two of you and the photographer and videographer left in the reception space. Spend a few minutes soaking in the last few moments together before you leave.)

Once you’re ready to go, here are 5 wedding exits that make the best photographs after the reception.

Have your guests light up the night sky. Lighting sparklers or lanterns (which you release) is a fun activity that you can share with your guests, and it makes some great memories. And if you really want to take it over the top: set off some fireworks. We couldn’t have a list with the wedding exits that make the best photographs and not share this one! (Just make sure to partner closely with your event planned and venue to make sure you’re following required safety rules.)

Have your guests wave a material in the air for a dynamic photo. This could be just about anything---neon glow sticks, handkerchiefs, flags, or pennants. We like these photographs because there’s typically a contrast between the color of the item and the sea of people. (P.S. this is a great way to showcase pride for your school, or your state!)

Go through a tunnel of love surrounding you from every side. Have your guests create an archway for you to run through with their arms reaching towards one another from either side. We prefer this at the end of the night since your guests will be more comfortable with another at this point---versus right after the ceremony. Everyone will be joyful and the genuine looks of glee on everyone’s faces will help to create priceless photographic memories. (This will work best with smaller weddings, or just with a bridal party if there are still a lot of people by the end of the night.)

Get musical and go out with a bang. End your wedding with a second line parade (a-la New Orleans vibes), Mariachi performers, or a local Highschool Band featuring individuals who are important to you.

Drive away in something exotic. Depending on your wedding location and vibe, this is a great time to get creative with your mode of transportation! Celebrating with a reception near the water? Drive away together on a boat. Want more of a romantic send off? Climb into a horse and carriage. Celebrating at the same place where you plan to spend the night? Ride away on tandem bikes---since you don’t have to get very far!

We hope you enjoyed our favorite send-off ideas. If you’re looking for a photographer or videographer, get in touch with us today.

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