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Why Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

One of the most common questions that we get from our Joy couples is: “Why should I hire a wedding videographer?”

For couples wondering if they should hire both a wedding photographer and videographer, we would like to help answer that question!

In most cases, wedding photography is a given. However, wedding videography comes into question as couples begin to review their to do lists and budgeted line items. We think there are a few key reasons why videography can help complement your photos in ways that still imagery will not be able to do.

Hiring a Wedding Videographer Captures Details in New Ways

You’re likely going to have a very large photo album. While we are big fans of wedding photos at Joy Photo and Video, a wedding video can really help bring your big day to life. (If you want our opinion, we think it's a MUST to hire a wedding videographer.)

Here are four areas of your wedding where wedding can help by capture details in new ways:

  1. Voice: A video will capture the sound of your voices at a very specific moment in time. You may not realize why this is so special so let us elaborate. You will likely exchange your vows with one another one time in your relationship in front of the people that you love, and a wedding video will capture that. Sure, a photo of you exchanging them is special, but you can’t hear what’s being said. What else don’t you hear? The side comments that you exchange at the aisle, like “You look beautiful.” And “I’m so anxious!” The sound of laughter from loved ones in your bridal party. The helpful marriage advice from your wedding officiant. Or the sound of the toast from your Maid of Honor.

  2. Movement: The way you walk towards your significant other when you walk down the aisle, the hand off by your father, or when he kisses his mom on the cheek…these are all moments that have beautiful, meaningful and dynamic movement to them. Your veil blowing in the wind. When he repositions his tie or cufflinks. Or the way that you float on the dance floor as you twirl in your ballgown. Sure, a photo will capture each of these at a very specific moment. But the video will capture each of the transitions.

  3. Music: It’s going to take a lot of effort to put together your song list (even if you enlist the help of a professional DJ.) Sure, you’ll always remember the song that you danced to for your first dance as husband and wife. But the other songs that help bring the wedding day together are just as important! Having a video will help you remember the wedding processional and recessional, the ceremony entrance and exit, and the fun dance songs that your DJ surprises you by playing.

  4. Décor: It’s likely that you will end up with photos of individual wedding décor items, like the centerpieces at your reception or a close up of the bridal bouquet. However, what photos don’t always capture is how the décor comes together. Whether it’s drone footage above your outdoor ceremony or a sweeping video montage sweeping across your reception space, video will help to showcase how each of the small details add up to make a special experience for your guests.

If you’re wondering, “Why should I hire a wedding videographer?” because you are thinking that you may not watch it again, here are some things to think about.

Whether you have a digital or printed photo album, it’s likely that you will look at it often right after the wedding. You will set it on your coffee table to glance through with your friends and family to reminisce. And then you will choose your favorites to be printed and hung on the wall. But beyond the album, a video can be another wedding memory to put in your collection.

Our favorite ways to use your wedding video after the big day:

Send it to your wedding guests. If you already have a digital list of your wedding guests email addresses, send a final ‘thank you’ email correspondence with a link to the wedding video. This would really be appreciated by those who were invited and unable to attend. It’s also a neat experience for those who did attend to have the opportunity to watch it back (they will be looking for themselves like ‘Where’s Waldo’ to see if they made the final cut!)

Share it on social media. Your social media fans and followers who were not invited to the big day would feel like they were there. This is especially meaningful for smaller weddings, like a Micro-wedding or destination wedding.

Watch it on your anniversary. In between your romantic anniversary plans, set some time aside together and hit the play button. Watch the entire video together. Each year, you will be reminded with audio and visual memories that you may not have thought of in a long time. You will probably catch different details each time you watch it and it will serve as a fun walk down memory lane.

Watch it during a pivotal relationship milestone. This may sound strange. Watching your wedding video after you’ve had a heated therapy session or big fight may help you tap back into why you initially fell in love. You will have other special milestones that come up, like having a baby or sending your last kid to college…these are all perfect times to re-watch your wedding.

We hope this helped answer the question that you may have on your mind, “Why should I hire a wedding videographer?”

Combine Wedding Photos and Video to Make it More Affordable

If you’re interested in videography, we’re here to support you! We have videographers across Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas) and are now also servicing Florida (Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami).

Learn about our video packages if you choose to hire a wedding videographer from our team. (Keep in mind that we often have special promotions available, too!) We offer a range of customizable services to satisfy any bride or budget. Keep in mind that we often have special promotions available, too! Contact us today to learn about how we can help bring more joy to your wedding day.

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Choose Joy,

The Joy Team


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