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10 Wedding Themes to Consider for Your 2023 Wedding

Getting ready to ring those wedding bells? If you’re trying to decide on your wedding theme, we hope this article helps to inspire you!

A wedding theme helps to build a foundation for your big day and begin to tie together the details. While it doesn’t have to be apparent in every single aspect of your wedding, it will help provide a starting point when you begin to make decisions.

With all the weddings supported by our team of pros over the years, we’ve seen it all! From traditional, to kooky, to anywhere in between, the wedding theme that you select should reflect who you are as a couple.

10 of the Best Wedding Themes for 2023

Here are 10 wedding themes to consider for your 2023 wedding, along with a few thoughts on how to bring each of them to life!

Let’s Do Brunch

If you’re looking to do something unique, this theme is a very special one! One of the best parts is the ability to be creative: like a coffee bar, donut wall, or pancake-wedding cake. Plus, this would provide you with the option for an event hosted earlier in the day which means it doesn’t have to be as formal (i.e. brunch time!)

Black and White

If you’d like to have an elegant experience for your guests, using the colors black and white can help elevate your wedding details. And no, this is far from boring! If you keep black and white as your primary color scheme, you can add pops of color in the form of flowers, lush greenery, or other design elements.


If you have an ‘old soul’, a vintage theme can be taken in many different directions. You could do a vintage travel theme, vintage carnival theme, or just plain ol’ vintage. Envision being whisked away from your wedding venue in a vintage car while wearing a lace gown with pearl earrings and old timey shoes. Classic.

Storybook Romance

If reading plays a role in your love story, choose this theme to bring your love story to life. Tie romantic quotes from throughout history into your ceremony, and then stack books up as part of your centerpieces. (This is a great theme for any teachers planning to get married!)

Seaside Celebration

Whether you’re getting married on or near the beach, or this location has a special meaning to your relationship, this is one of our favorite themes. Ocean-based colors like soft blues and beige can be incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Not to mention, who doesn’t love the idea of having an aisle outlined in seashells?

Colorful Explosion

Yes, color can be a theme! Picture this: bridesmaid dresses in all different colors, festive streamers for your ceremony exit, rainbow tablecloths, and colorful smoke bombs set off during the grand exit. (This makes for incredibly vibrant and cool photos, too.)

Country Chic

With our Texas-roots, we are biased to country chic weddings! The chic aspect can help to balance rustic details. For example, use bay-hales as seating for your ceremony but cover them in pieces of lace. Or feature decadent centerpieces with large flowers, tied up in a burlap bow. Find a way to mix the hard and the soft and your guests will feel right at home.

Couple kisses at country chic wedding in Houston, Texas


We love themes that choose a specific word to focus around. If the word playful gets you feeling excited, then lean into it! If one or both of you are big fans of comics or specific superheroes, they can be tastefully incorporated into the big day. Get the grooms to wear matching superhero socks, walk down the aisle to a theme song, or feature a custom cake topper so that you both look like your favorite characters.

Floral Fairytale

When you envision your wedding day, do you see a lot of flowers? If there’s a flower that has a meaningful significance in your relationship (like they brought you a dozen sunflowers on your first date), then incorporate it throughout your ceremony and reception details! If you aren’t biased to just one type of flower, use different seasonal florals throughout your décor, starting with your wedding invitations and carried through to favors (like floral-scented soaps or packets of a specific seed).

Disney Princess

If the wedding of your dreams makes you want to feel like Cinderella, this is a fairly simple theme to incorporate! Start with wedding invitations that feel like they were pulled out of a fairytale, and then create a magical experience for your guests by selecting a venue that feels like a castle from your favorite story. And don’t forget your mode of transport: a carriage.

5 Tips to Select Your Wedding Theme

On the fence between a few themes, or still don’t feel like you’ve found THE theme that’s going to help bring your wedding vision to life? Here's what to do next:

  1. Do a Pinterest search. Type in things like “unique wedding themes”, “summertime wedding themes," "bold wedding themes," or ”romantic themes for a wedding.”

  2. Talk to your wedding vendors. From the person who will bake your cake to the salesperson at your wedding venue, they’ve likely been exposed to many different types of weddings. Ask if they have any suggestions that feel like a natural fit to your relationship.

  3. See if your venue or wedding location naturally lends itself to a specific theme.

  4. Talk to your significant other and see if they have any themes in mind. You might like what they come up with, or it could be a good starting point to begin your brainstorming.

  5. Consider the time of year. A season such as winter will naturally provide you with a good starting point for varied options to choose from. (Check out our recent blogs on Unique Fall and Winter Wedding Details.)

When it all comes down to it, just remember that this is your day. As you begin to think through these wedding themes to consider for your 2023 wedding, you should select a theme that feels like it will help bring your vision to life. You don’t have to force your theme into one box, and you can be creative with it! The theme helps to lay the foundation for the experience that your guests will have, and all of the wedding details will more easily come together once it’s been decided.

Speaking of details---if you’re looking for a photographer or videographer, we are actively booking for weddings next year! Get details on our Packages and Pricing and then check out Joy reviews from real couples. We hope this was helpful for you to have some ideas for wedding themes to consider for your 2023 wedding (or beyond.)

Happy planning!

Choose joy,

The Joy Team

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