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5 Wedding Photos That Will Make You Want to Wear a Veil

Once the bridal gown has been selected, next up are the accessories! One of the top questions that brides are confronted with is: to wear a veil, or not to wear a veil? Before you make your final decision, let’s dig in to understand where the concept of veils come from.

Wedding veil photography by Joy Photo and Video

According to this article from The Knot, here’s some helpful historic commentary from Megan Ziems, founder of Grace Loves Lace: The purpose of a wedding veil can actually be traced back to Greecian tradition. "Wedding veils are one of the most historic pieces of the bridal ensemble, and the tradition is said to have arisen from the ancient Greeks," Ziems explains.

"Historically, veils were used to represent modesty and purity in religious ceremonies." Adds wedding dress designer Madeline Gardner: "It was thought that the veil kept away evil spirits. It was also worn so that the bride's face was hidden from the groom." Today, though, veils aren't as closely tied to their original meaning. While you can wear a wedding veil for religious or traditional reasons, you can also wear it just because you like the look it offers. "The meaning has since evolved, and veils are now seen as a modern accessory to help capture the true essence and personal style of every bride," Ziems says.

If you’re on the fence about whether to wear a veil, it’s important to take time to challenge the tradition to determine if one feels right for you on your big day.

While a veil isn’t mandatory, many brides decide to wear them because it will help make you “feel” like a bride. If you’re just wearing a pretty dress and special pair of shoes, this could be for any other formal event---but, not a veil!

Here are 5 wedding photos that will make you want to wear a veil (or at least think twice about it.)

Wedding Veil Photo Ideas

The Details Shot

Wedding details photo inspiration featuring a lace wedding veil

To kick off the inspiration with 5 wedding photos that will make you want to wear a veil, the details shot comes first! Set the veil down to create a backdrop for the important details. This could include the wedding invitation, bouquet, bridal shoes, or other accessories (like heirloom jewelry or your something-blue).

The Getting Ready Picture

5 photos that will make you want to wear a bridal veil

If you plan to take bridal portraits (either before the big day or before the ceremony), it’s beautiful when there are some close ups of the bride with the veil on.

But before you get there, make sure there are some photos captured of your bridal party, or important guest like your mom, helping to place the veil on.

These photos show natural interaction between you and someone special, while helping to highlight the momentous occasion of the bridal look coming together.

The Ceremony View

Depending on your event space and positioning while standing in front of your guests, the veil can add visual interest to ceremony photos.

The material will help to add additional dimensions of softness and elegance, and any movement of the veil will be captured by the camera.

Pro Tip: Make sure your bridal party is aware of your veil, especially if there’s a long train or if you opt for a Cathedral Length veil---144” long!

The Maid or Matron of Honor (likely standing next to you) should keep an eye how the veil has landed once you get up to the front. And if you take any steps, like for a unity candle ceremony, then they should make sure to help make sure that the material is lying flat. There’s nothing worse than a distracting, bunched up veil, in a ceremony photograph!

The Flying Veil Photo

If your veil has any kind of length, don’t miss out on this one.

Make sure the veil is secured and then have one of your bridal party attendants or the second shooter assist.

They will throw the edges of the veil up into the air and then step out of frame. Be patient because you’ll want to get a few shots of this.

All it takes one photo to create magic! When done correctly, this will make it naturally seem like the wind has picked the veil up into the air and the movement is incredible.

The Wrap-Me-Up Shot

When it comes to the 5 wedding photos that will make you want to wear a veil, this is our absolute favorite. (This also made our list of classic newlywed photos that you don’t want to miss!) If the veil is long enough, wrap it around both of your heads.

If you have a shorter length (like a bird cage), just put your faces close together so that the material of the veil is a focal point.

Depending on the material and how much of it there is, the veil can also be pulled in front of the corners of the camera lens to create a filter.

This photo screams: “We’re married” and highlights all the beauty of the big day, while featuring you two closely nestled up together.

Once the formal photos are complete, when you decide to take off your veil is completely up to you! Many brides decide to walk into the reception with both their veil and bouquet. The flowers are set down for the first dance, and then the veil gets removed after the dance so that you can eat and party.

We hope it was helpful to see the 5 wedding photos that will make you want to wear a veil. If you’ve decided that you will wear one, that’s just the start. Now, you will just need to determine the type of veil that will go best with your dress! And if you’re looking for a photographer to help capture these shots, get in touch with us today.

Choose Joy,

The Joy Team


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