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Ten Pose Ideas for Newlywed Photos

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Once you’ve said “I do” and posed for formal photos with your VIP guests, it’s time for photographs to be captured of the newlyweds!

While some of the spontaneous wedding moments are some of our favorites, having classic poses captured are just as important.

Our Joy Photo and Video team members have seen it all! From the formal, to the silly, to the out-there--- wedding photographs vary across the gamut. Whether or not you are planning to have a traditional wedding, we highly recommend having your photographer plan to take some traditional poses of the two of you. (Newsflash: traditional does not equal stuffy!)

As you build out your wedding shot list, get inspired with these 10 classic pose ideas for newlywed photos.

Traditional, Classic Poses for Your Wedding Day

Whether you’re sharing a photo along with a post-wedding “Thank you” card or printing out a canvas for your wall, here are a few standard photographs that you’ll want to plan to capture.

Stand next to each other and smile. While this seems self-explanatory and very simple, it might end up being one of your favorites. A posed moment is important since many of the other moments captured throughout the day will have other people in them or will be action-oriented (like a first dance.) Find a nice background, stand side by side with your arm around one another, and then say “Cheese!”

Pose with a more serious, half smile. Don’t just vary with your poses (like hand placement or body positioning), try some different faces. You will likely be smiling VERY big in MANY of your wedding photos because of the genuine joy felt on the big day, so planning to show a soft or sincere side will provide variety. Try a few where you are more serious, and then others with a small grin.

Classic Pose Ideas for Newlywed Photos

One looks at the other, while the other looks away. This is one of the best classic pose ideas for newlywed photos because it will likely feel more natural and provide two different types of facial expressions.

Showcase your wedding rings. We love capturing this one right after the ceremony because it showcases authentic joy---and shows off the new bling!

Let the veil fly. This is hands down the best classic pose ideas for newlywed photos and one of the shots that the Joy team captures at just about every single wedding! Depending on the type of veil, you can work with your photographer to get a few different poses. Longer veils (like cathedrals) can be ‘thrown’ into the air by a second shooter or member of the bridal party so that it looks like it’s flying alongside of you. For a close of the two of you, the veil can be wrapped around both of your faces so that the texture adds additional dimension to the frame.

Wedding shot list inspiration: classic newlywed poses

Romantic "Just Married" Photography Ideas

Ready to amp up the romance? If more traditional poses aren’t romantic enough for you, then make sure that your photographer captures these classic newlywed photos!

Look directly in each other’s eyes. This pose usually leads to some of the sweetest moments, especially when captured after the ceremony. The direct eye contact will bring you back to one another and help you to get centered. If this pose is done right, you’ll forget that your photographer is there and enjoy a moment with just the two of you.

Whisper sweet nothings to one another. This often leads to some very sweet frame-worthy memories, and some of the best photos end up with giggles. (People who see the photo later will wonder what was said…)

Wedding poses for the bride and groom

Hug one another, with one of you standing behind the other. Don’t forget this one! It’s an important pose because it will get you in close proximity with one another for a tighter frame. This is a very relaxed pose and one of the best for individuals who get camera-shy. Being so close will make you feel comfortable. Have the taller person stand in the back and wrap their arms around the other.

Do a twirl (no dance floor needed.) This is one of the best classic wedding photos for newlyweds (especially if there’s a ball gown involved.) Not only is it romantic, but there’s movement to it. Try a few rotations so that there's different angles documented. You’ll both have big smiles on your face and it just might feel like a scene right out of a movie.

Seal it with a kiss! Try to switch this up with a kiss on the cheek and then on the lips. And if there’s a dip involved then that’s even better!

Romantic wedding poses and photography tips from Joy Photo and Video

We hope you enjoyed hearing about classic pose ideas for newlywed photos. If you’re looking for more ideas, read about “The 30 Wedding Photos You Need to Take” from Brides or do a search on Pinterest.

We have the most distinct honor to help capture poses like these for our Joy couples. If you’re looking for a photographer or videographer, we have a team of professionals located in Florida and Texas. Get answers to our most frequently asked questions here and then click to learn about our customizable photo + video packages.

[Photoshoot in the spotlight: Melissa + Jason in Miami, Florida.]

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