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10 Wedding Themes to Consider for Your 2024 Wedding

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

With summer behind us then that means that the 2023 wedding season will end in just a few months, so many of our Joy couples are now gearing up for their 2024 nuptials!

In 2024, couples will continue to challenge tradition and do things differently. We foresee these 5 things taking place in a big way:

  • Weddings taking place somewhere other than the couple’s home state: “Domestication weddings” will continue become even more popular. (This is a destination wedding that takes place within the United States). Most invited guests will need to travel to a central location and the wedding festivities typically span across a few days.

  • Bright, bold colors: Next year, you will see an explosion of color across varied wedding themes. This will help amp up the energy and playfulness for an otherwise formal affair.

2024 Wedding Trends: Joy Photo and Video
  • Unique ceremony aisle layouts: Traditional rows won’t be a given any more. Some couples are opting for a “runway” set up (where the chairs face each other towards the middle aisle), while others have the chairs set in a semi-circle while looking at the couple.

  • Non-traditional or no wedding party: Large wedding parties will be replaced by one significant VIP, like a Matron of Honor and Best Man. In some cases, just the couple will be standing in the front.

  • Interactive experiences: Whether it be a photo bus (versus a booth), picture scavenger hunts, or a live wedding painter, there will be plenty more event details that get the guests more engaged.

Get Inspired with These Popular 2024 Wedding Themes

Now that you know more of what to expect, here are 10 themes to consider for your 2024 wedding so that all of your special details can tie together. A theme is so important because it will serve as the foundation for many of the decisions that will be made---from the color scheme to the venue.

Popular Ideas for 2024 Wedding Themes

1. Field of Wildflowers: We’ve seen quite a few wildflower-themed weddings this year and anticipate that it will make a bigger statement in next year’s designs. The bright and varied color palette is easy to work with and this naturally ties in with an increasing trend of sustainability and more eco-friendly wedding elements.

2. Garden Party: If you’re looking for a theme that lends itself to a classy and dainty experience for your guests, don’t overlook this one. You can do so much with vibrant greens in your color palette, and choosing a primary flower to be your hero will help tie it together. (If you’re hoping for a Bridgerton-inspired wedding, this is the perfect theme to select…)

3. Coastal Vibes: You can never go wrong with a beachy wedding theme! Whether your nuptials are actually taking place seaside or you are inspired by soft blue and beige colors, a beach wedding is a popular, timeless theme to consider.

4. Golden Sunset: We love a good sunset theme because there is so much you can do with it! And while this would be beautiful year-round, it’s the perfect theme for a fall wedding. As a starting point, consider the color palette of a sun setting (like burnt orange to yellow or gold and, even pink.) Opt for unique elements like terracotta vases for centerpieces and lush table runners made from organic materials in your color scheme. (This is one of our favorite themes to consider for your 2024 wedding.)

5. Art-Inspired: If art plays an important role in your relationship, career, or passions, consider using it for a wedding theme that showcases your creativity. This theme can serve as the base of a dynamic and brightly colored event. You can lean into more of an art deco vibe, feature a specific time period, showcase a creative style, or favorite artist throughout your wedding details.

6. City Chic: One of the most popular trends in the wedding industry is how couples continue to weave personalization into the base of their big day. If there’s a specific city that is important to you and your relationship, consider using it for your wedding theme! For example, did you meet in the hustle and bustle of NYC? Was your favorite vacation to the Hawaiian Islands? Or do you have an affinity for art, say like in, Florence, Italy? Select the city and then put it in the spotlight!

7. Whimsical Dream: Whether you envision your wedding day looking like the album cover of Lover by Taylor Swift, or like the pages of your favorite romance novel, this can be a beautiful theme. Use soft colors (like blush and cream) and feminine details (like lace) for a romantic setting.

8. Countryside Romance: Farm chic wedding details can help make for a very special occasion (and is one of the simplest themes to pull off.) Plus, whether your countryside feels more like a drive down upstate New York, a barn outside of the city limits in Texas, or while sipping champagne on the hills of France, you can choose the vibe that feels truer to who you are.

How to Select Your 2024 Wedding Theme

9. Modern Minimalism: Think: neutral colors, intentional décor pieces, and clean or cozy materials. This works nicely with a wedding ceremony/reception all housed in one space, and can help make everything feel unified without feeling like it's overdone. To take it over the top: ask your guests to come dressed a specific neutral color palette, too.

Ideas for wedding themes by Joy Photo and Video

10. All White Party: This will take a different direction from the bright colors that you’ll see in 2024 wedding color palettes but it’s a classic theme that we’re obsessed with. And remember, white does not equal boring! Add a pop of metallics as your base and then lean into the theme.

Looking for more ideas? Check out this article with the70+ Best Wedding Theme Ideas For 2024 For Any Taste and Style” (

How to Select Your 2024 Wedding Theme

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential themes to a few options, here are some tips to help you select the winner.

  • Look at some of the basic details surrounding your wedding date, like the time of year, and see if one theme feels better than another.

  • Continue to nail down wedding logistics. For example, the venue that you select might help support a specific theme more than another.

  • Get advice from your wedding support team. Whether it be your wedding coordinator or florist, they have had exposure to different weddings and might have some unique ideas for you.

We hope you got inspired with our 10 themes to consider for your 2024 wedding. If you’re still building out your team of vendors and need a photographer and videographer, we’re here to support you! Our calendar for 2024 weddings across the nation is filling up. Review our pricing and then get in touch with us today to check availability.

Choose joy,

The Joy Team


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