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4 Details to Incorporate in Your Fall Wedding

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

It’s been a fantastic season of summer weddings over these last few months. Now that final vacations will be wrapping up soon, that means that things are quickly gearing up for couples getting married this fall! Here are details to incorporate in your fall wedding in 2023 and 2024.

4 Details to Incorporate in Your Fall Wedding - Joy Photo and Video

Fall or autumn, typically defined by mid-September to late-November, is a beautiful season which gives you plenty of options to help execute your dream wedding. It’s a cozy time of year that brings people closer as temperatures start to drop. And since it falls between summer and winter, you’re given the creative ability to lean towards one of these seasons depending on your desired vibe.

Popular Fall Wedding Trends in 2022

Last year, couples embraced fall materials (like flannel) for things like bridal getting ready outfits and table runners. They leaned into the fall colors, with more pops of neutral than we saw in past years and opted for more dried (such as pampas grass) or wooden flowers, instead of real ones.

Wedding planning tips: Fall 2023 wedding ideas

Receptions looked a little different, too. With the use of more seating charts (versus individual escort cards) and wedding dessert tables with a variety of sweets (instead of just a cake), weddings felt like a community-driven experience.

Tips for Fall Wedding Planning

This fall, expect to see more outside of the box thinking from couples getting married. According to, “Couples will continue to make their weddings entirely their own in 2023, which means there will be a noticeable a shift away from the "typical" wedding look and feel. "More than ever, clients are wanting to step outside of the 'norm' as it relates to wedding traditions," says planner Erica Estrada. Many note that large wedding parties are going by the wayside and moments like the bouquet toss are being phased out.”

So take note---this is your big day and this is the perfect time to challenge tradition so that you can make it your own during this special time of year. Here are details to incorporate in your fall wedding.

Details to Incorporate in Your Fall Wedding

Learn about the four key areas where you can bring Autumn into your wedding day:

Unique Fall Wedding Ideas by Joy Photo and Video

1. Highlight the colors of the time of year---but add your own personality. Fall is the first time in the year that couples begin to incorporate darker colors into the palette. Popular fall wedding colors include things like navy blue, emerald green, orange, purple, and hues of reds or burgundy. Neutral colors like gray and champagne will help tie it all together and keep the palette feeling warm (versus bringing in a color like stark white.)

However, what’s important to consider is that you can make this your own. You can balance darker colors with pops of light. For example, pair navy with hot pink, blush, or seafoam green. (Since fall transitions from summertime, feel free to bring in more color!)

2. Choose décor that is reflective of the time of year. The best thing about decorations for your fall wedding is that there is so much you can do. You can go in any direction---whether you want more cozy vibes, Halloween-details, or a Thanksgiving vision come to life. Line the aisle with pumpkins, incorporate pinecones or leaves into your centerpiece vases, or choose cozy materials like faux fur or flannel for wedding parties or wedding reception details. For more ideas, read "30 Unique Fall Wedding Ideas for Your Autumn Celebration" (

Tips for Autumn Wedding Planning by Joy Photo and Video

3. Serve fall inspired menu items. Weave seasonal items throughout the food and drinks being served to your guests to help tie everything together. This could range from hearty soups, rich meats, and fruity desserts. Think: butternut squash soup, chicken and waffle bites, followed by assorted pumpkin and apple pies. For drinks, consider selecting a pumpkin pie martini, spiked apple cider, or mulled white wine for a signature menu item. For a non-alcoholic option, add a coffee or hot tear bar. For more inspiration, read “An Expert Guide to Creating a Flavorful Fall Wedding Menu” (

4. Add fall-themed activities to your wedding weekend agenda. The last tip that we have with the best details to incorporate in your fall wedding doesn’t even take place at your wedding! In 2023, many couples are starting to streamline their wedding day (i.e. everything in one location, or a mid-day reception.) Because of this, there might be more room to add additional activities, especially if loved ones are coming in from out of town. We suggest adding a fall-inspired activity to the wedding weekend. For example, go on a group hike the afternoon before the wedding or host a bonfire with smore’s immediately following your rehearsal dinner. Or instead of having brunch the day after, invite special guests to go wine or cider tasting with you so you can re-hash the details of the day before.

We hope you liked learning about the details to incorporate in your fall wedding, whether it’s this year or next year. Get inspired with more tips in our article "Unique Fall Wedding Details."

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Happy planning!

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