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4 Details to Incorporate in Your Winter Wedding

Our calendar for the last few months has been packed with incredible summer and fall weddings. Now that we’re entering the month of November, we’re preparing for winter weddings!

4 Details to Incorporate in Your Winter Wedding by Joy Photo and Video

Winter officially starts in the beginning of December and goes through February. Depending on where you’re located, the weather might drastically impact when it feels like winter in your area. But regardless of the weather outside, there are so many ways that you can weave wintery details into your big day.

Popular Winter Wedding Trends in 2022

Last year, winter weddings were luxe and elegant. Couples incorporated warm lighting into overall design and opted for soft materials like velvet to elevate the theme. We saw a lot of grooms in color, like dark green or maroon, and some brides chose to add sleeves or capes to their look.

Winter wedding details and advice for planning your wedding: Joy Photo and Video

One of the most important aspects of the 2022 wedding season included couples choosing specific themes for their weddings and going all out with that theme. We expect to see more of that in 2023.

Details to Incorporate in Your Winter Wedding

Here are four details to incorporate in your winter wedding:

Ideas for Winter Weddings: Blog Article

1. Use color to your advantage. One of the foundational items that can set the tone will be the use of color. Popular winter wedding colors include white, silver, and light blue. If you’d like something that feels more modern, consider a palette like black and gold, or a pop of a bold color like purple or maroon against a neutral backdrop. For more on colors, read “How to Select Colors for Your Winter Wedding”.

2. Leverage seasonal plants and florals. Don’t underestimate the value of seasonal foliage as one of the key details to incorporate in your winter wedding. And remember that they can go beyond bouquets or arches. Use elements like holly or pine combs in your invitation design, as part of your seating charts, or even featured within your centerpieces.

According to an article on WeddingWire: “Your décor, particularly florals, can be a great way to channel the wintry beauty. “During the winter months I love to use evergreens like boxwood, magnolia, cedar, and even arborvitae,” says Holly Heider Chapple of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers in Leesburg, Virginia. Another lesser-known benefit to a winter wedding? “Flowers look fresh, crisp, and clean during the winter months because they have not struggled on hot tarmacs or over heated delivery vans."

Seasonal Wedding Trends and Advice

3. Incorporate cozy details. To help make your guests feel welcome, find ways to add warmth to the overall experience. It will be important to help set expectations for the dress code, especially if you plan to have any portions of the event in cold outdoor areas. To add coziness, you can do this through materials, design, and food/drink.

  • Materials: Add carpets to your wedding aisle and sweetheart table, choose materials for your table runners like faux fur, or have your bridesmaids wear muffs or velvet outfits. As a favor, provide blankets to your guests that they can cuddle up with.

  • Design: As part of your ceremony or reception setup, carve out a separate seating area with lush couches and heating lamps (if needed). This can help elevate the experience and serve as another space to incorporate design.

  • Food and drink: Choosing warm food and drink options is one of the best ways to help your guests feel cozy. For the food, serve comfort options like small servings of tomato bisque or yummy grilled cheese. For drinks, serve mulled wine, hot apple cider, or a customizable hot chocolate bar. Get winter wedding food ideas here and more on cozy winter wedding “Dos and Don’ts” here.

4. Add light as a featured detail. Nothing screams “winter” more than a romantic backdrop of lights. From candles to Christmas lights or modern lighting fixtures, this is one of the easiest and best design details to incorporate into your winter wedding. The light will serve as a stark contrast against dark, brisk, wintery nights.

Photography and Videography for Your Winter Wedding

Photography and Videography for Your Winter Wedding

We hope you liked learning about the details to incorporate in your winter wedding. Whether you’re getting married in the next few months or this time next year, reach out to us to learn about wedding and photography services.

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