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5 Ways to Include Oranges in Your Florida Wedding

We love having the chance to support Joy couples across the state of Florida. While working with many of these love birds, there is often one consistent theme: state-love.

If you’d like to showcase the love that you have for your state, on the day that showcases the love that you have for one another---then keep reading! Since oranges are the official fruit of the state of Florida, here are 5 tips for how you can incorporate it into your wedding day.

From the culture to the food, there’s plenty of things that make the state of Florida special. One of the best parts about the state are the summertime vibes that continue throughout most of the year. When it comes to a wedding theme or the décor for your big day, this gives you some flexibility with your theme all year-round.

One of the things that many couples don’t realize is that a wedding theme doesn’t have to be an actual theme. Seaside Nuptials, Cinderella Castle, or Art Deco all help to make special experiences for guests.

But instead of an overarching theme, you can hinge your wedding design on a few small and special details through a consistent use of an object or color.

Today, we’re going to zoom in on oranges. (Get it…zoom in? We’re photographers!) You might not realize it, but oranges and the color orange can help create an elevated wedding experience--- when used sparingly and tastefully. It won’t feel like a Farmers Market if you remember that you’re designing a wedding, and not a summertime BBQ.

Ideas to Incorporate Oranges in Wedding Décor

As the supplier of over 40% of the nation’s citrus products, it’s clear why this fruit is tied so closely to the state. Whether you’re getting married in the state of Florida, or simply want to show your love for the state, featuring oranges is a great way to do this (without being too obvious.)

Here are 5 ways to include oranges in your Florida wedding:

1. Include the color throughout your wedding details. This can either be a subtle nod to your state, or a colorful explosion! When it comes to selecting your color palette, keep in mind that orange works very well across seasons ranging from spring to fall. And depending on the shade that you choose, your wedding can feel warm or vibrant. One of the easiest wedding details to feature the color will be in your flowers. We love orange lilies and tulips. (See more orange flowers here.)

Consider choosing other elements in the right shade, like orange fans placed on each seat during the ceremony, or orange soap provided as favors at the reception.

2. Add actual oranges to key places in the ceremony. Consider propping up signage with a row of oranges or placing them down the aisle as an alternative aisle runner outlining each of the rows. You could also use them in a signature welcome drink or treat (did someone say orange creamsicle?) to help keep your guests cool outdoors.

3. Use oranges in decorations throughout the reception. One of our favorite ways to include oranges in your Florida wedding: fill large, crystal flower vases with a little bit of water and then stack oranges inside the bottom of the vase. These are very pretty foundations for your centerpieces. They will also add dimension and a pop of color to your floral arrangements. Another way to feature the fruit: use them as escort cards by placing handwritten signs so that your guests can take them to help find their seat. (This is a great way to add color to your reception tables.)

4. Include oranges, or orange flavors, in a signature drink or dessert. An orange flavor brings a zesty and summery feel to any drink. Consider using an orange liqueur, citrus martini, or naming your signature drink with something related to the special fruit. For dessert, serve cupcakes with orange cream icing or use oranges as a garnish to add a citrus flavor to another sweet.

5. Incorporate oranges into printed design featured during the big day. From the guestbook to the escort cards, add visual elements which include the fruit throughout your wedding design. One of the best ways to include oranges in your Florida wedding is to have some fun with it! Picture a large sign or decadent mirror featuring the seating chart assignments with a saying written across the top, like “Orange you glad that you’re here? Please take a seat.”

Remember that it’s your day and it’s important that you strive to make it your own.

If you want to highlight how much you love the Sunshine state, we hope that you enjoyed learning about the best ways to include oranges in your Florida wedding.

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