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5 Ways to Stay Connected on Your Wedding Day

Once you’re engaged and beginning to plan the big day, you will likely get caught up with financial figures, to do lists, and a running list of vendors to call. While it doesn’t sound, or feel, romantic while you’re in the thick of it…remember that you are preparing to marry the love of your life!

Tips for engaged couples planning a wedding

As you complete the planning process and the big day is finally here, pay close attention to these 5 ways to stay connected on your wedding day.

These tips will help you to find ways to get centered with your significant other so that you walk away with special memories made together on this special day.

Tips for How Couples to Stay Close on the Big Day

How to stay connected to your significant other on your wedding day

1. Write each other a love note to read while you’re getting ready. While some couples plan to have a member of the wedding party hand-deliver a gift, consider a love note (either way.) Whether or not you are sharing your own vows with one another, a handwritten card or letter is a great way to share sentimental thoughts with your significant other while they are getting ready for the ceremony. This is at a point in time where nerves might be at an all-time high, so having some kind words to help your spouse-to-be get centered will be a welcome distraction. (It leads to super cute photos, too!) We think this is one of the best ways to stay connected on your wedding day.

2. Do a first look or first look alternative. A first look, or other alternative (like a first touch), will allow you to spend some time together before you see each other at the end of the aisle. This can be an incredibly special time to help you both get centered and look beyond your wedding and toward your marriage. Learn more about all-things-first-looks and other ideas here.

3. Build a few minutes alone into the wedding day timeline. As you’re running from one part of the agenda to another, make sure that you’ve planned some time to be alone together. (And we don’t mean for photos. This is protected time on the agenda to just be together.) It doesn’t need to be a significant length of time but having a few minutes to be able to breathe in the reality of your big day will help to go a long way.

4. Stay by each other’s sides throughout the reception. This is often overlooked and one of the absolute best ways to stay connected on your wedding day. Once you get to your reception, you will be ready to let loose with all your loved ones. However, this might mean that you are quickly running in different directions to greet your guests and take photos. Instead, make an intentional choice to stay together throughout the reception. By sticking by each other, you’ll make shared memories. (Plus, you’ll be in more photos together!)

Wedding Planning 101: How to Stay Close with Your Spouse at the Wedding

5. Have a private last dance.

Tips for engaged couples by Joy Photo and Video

This is one of the most simple yet profound ways to stay connected on your wedding day. After you’ve done the last dance with your guests, allow them to leave the ceremony event space to get ready for your grand exit. As they prepare for you to leave the venue, have your DJ play one last song. This could be a replay of your first dance, the song one of you walked down the aisle to, or another meaningful tune. Since it’s only going to be you, your photo and video team, and DJ, then you’ll be able to focus on one another. This will give you a few minutes to remain close as you take in the final portion of your wedding day.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the ways to stay connected on your wedding day. Once you’ve found the best ways to stay close on the big day, here are some tips for you to thrive during your new season as newlyweds!

5 Ways to Stay Connected on Your Wedding Day

If you’re still putting together your team of vendors who will support you and your significant other, we’re here for you! We have an award-winning team of wedding photographers and videographers who would love the chance to help showcase your joy. Browse our portfolio and then learn about our packages.

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