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Add These Groomsmen Photos to Your Wedding Shot List

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Some of the best memories made on your big day will be those made with the people surrounding you---especially the bridal party and groomsmen hand-selected to be by your side!

Add these groomsman photos to your wedding shot list

Since your groomsmen were special enough for you to ask them to play an important role in the wedding, it’s important to get some documentation of your relationship!

Wedding Photo Ideas Featuring ‘Team Groom’ Before the Ceremony

Grooms---this article is for you. Since you and your guys won’t need to take as long as ‘Team Bride’ to get ready, you might have some extra time on your hands. While you should enjoy the downtime, this is a great time to get some extra photos of Team Groom. Outside of the formal poses that you would typically hope to have, make sure to add these groomsmen photos to your wedding shot list.

Wedding photography inspiration: grooms, groomsman, and best man
  • Helping with your tie or bowtie: This is a cute moment to capture because it shows you getting assistance from someone who is important to you.

  • Putting on your jacket or cufflinks: We love that there is movement in this photo as the jacket gets placed over your shoulder or the cufflinks gets securely put into place.

  • Showing off matching socks: If groomsmen accessories include things like matching superhero, alma matter, or socks of any other theme, make sure to get a shot of these! Stand in a line or close circle, point your toes out and then lift the edge of your pant leg.

  • Saying cheers: Whatever the beverage of choice, get your guys to surround you and say “Cheers!” (Stick with something lighter like beer and save the shots for later in the day! Your fiancé will appreciate it.)

  • Finding fun ways to pass the time: We’ve been to weddings where the guys pulled out cigars, board games, chess, cards, or other activities that help to lighten the mood and distract from the nerves.

  • Walking in a line: This is one of our favorites so make sure to add these groomsmen photos to your wedding shot list! Stand in a staggered line so that the groom is more prominently shown in front and have each of your guys standing behind you. Walk in a line, swing your arms for a little bit of movement, and enjoy sharing some laughs. This is an informal shot that many of our couples cherish.

  • Getting some air: Either have the guys (safely) throw you up in the air or stand in a line and jump up into the air at the same time. These are celebratory in nature and will help to loosen you all up---especially those who are camera shy.

  • Delivering a gift to Team Bride: If one of the groomsman or Best Man tasks is to deliver a gift to the significant other, the gift exchange can make for a cute photo.

  • Having a first look with the bride: If any of your groomsmen have a special friendship or family kinship with the bride, have them do a first look! They will help to make her feel beautiful and reinforce how she can expect for you to react. It will help calm her nerves and get the guys really excited for you right before the ceremony.

Groomsmen Wedding Shot List Ideas for the Ceremony and Reception

Wedding photography shot lists from Joy Photo and Video
  • Featuring the boutonnieres: If the guys have any type of boutonniere or other accessory, these should be captured. (They are often underestimated but are just as important as the accessories worn by the bridal party.)

  • Escorting your VIP guests down the aisle: In many cases, key individuals like grandparents will be escorted down the aisle. These make for great photos because they will clearly capture the emotion in the faces of some of your VIPs right as the ceremony begins.

  • Looking at your reaction to the bride: You have to add these groomsmen photos to your wedding shot list!

  • Reacting to your wedding ring: Have your guys circle you and “ooh” and “ahh” over your new wedding ring!

  • Doing a speech: Your Best Man will likely be doing a wedding toast---and there may even be tears involved.

Wedding toast and photography tips
  • Dancing on the dance floor: Once the party starts, make sure there’s extra time planned for your photographer to snap some photos of all the dance moves.

  • Catching a garter: If you choose to follow the wedding tradition of the garter toss, this is a lot of fun to make sure to get photos of so that you can have them for your wedding album.

  • Doing shots at the reception: Now, it’s time for shots. Cheers!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about why we think you should add these groomsmen photos to your wedding shot list. If you’re interested in recommendations for bridal party photos, make sure to check out this article next.

Wedding planning and shot list ideas for groomsman photos

Wedding Photographers and Videographers to Capture These Groomsmen Photos

If you’re getting married in Florida or Texas, we’re here to help capture these special memories with all your special guests! At Joy Photo and Video, we offer customizable packages and pride ourselves on bringing more joy to your big day. Get answers to frequently asked questions and then learn about our offerings here.

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