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How to Include Kids in Your Wedding

Your wedding day should have the most important people around you to celebrate your new season of love and of life. Whether you have a special niece, children of your own, or are becoming a Bonus-Parent, here are some tips for how to include kids in your wedding.

Bride on her wedding day posing with her children, captured by Joy Photo and Video

As you begin to plan the logistics of your big day, start to think about all the people who will be surrounding you. Begin to think through special roles to give those VIPs in your life to help elevate their position on your wedding day. And if there are any people who come to mind that are younger (i.e. under 18), know that there are plenty of unique ways that you can include them.

10 Ways to Include Children in the Big Day

As you read through this list, be thoughtful about their age, activities that feel like they will suit their personality, and the type of experience that you’re creating for your guests. Also think about your individual relationship with them and what will make the most sense to highlight that special bond.

How to include kids in your wedding by Joy Photo and Video

Here’s how to include kids in your wedding:

1. Give them a special space carved out on your wedding website. Maybe they played a role in your love story or will be part of the definition of your future family? This is a great way to give them a place of honor and help explain their role to your wedding guests in advance of the big day.

2. Include them in some of the photos on the day of your engagement session. This way, you can feature select photos on your wedding day with the whole family. (Looking for an engagement photographer? We’re here to support you and are giving away a free engagement session for a limited time! Details here.)

10 ways to include children in your wedding ceremony and reception

3. Invite them to get ready with you (or to join for part of the Getting Ready portion of the big day.)

Pro tip: this can lead to some awesome photos! For example, have them looking at or holding up your wedding gown in front of a mirror, or trying on your wedding shoes. Then in the future, you can frame this special photo and gift it to them on THEIR big day---or as an engagement gift once they say “I do!” They likely won’t remember this so it will be a meaningful memento.

4. Include them as part of your bridal party as a junior bridesmaid or groomsman. This means that they’ll have the opportunity to be in more photos, and they'll feel like they have been given a special role.

5. Do a first look with the child who is important to you. This can lead to some very sentimental moments, especially if you are a parent to them, or if they belong to your spouse and will becoming a part of your family.

Wedding planning tips: 10 ways to include children in your wedding day

6. Incorporate children in the beginning of the wedding ceremony. Invite a “Flower Girl” put flowers, or a floral alternative, on the aisle before the bride walks down.

Wedding planning and photography tips for 2023 brides and grooms

Or get a “Ring Bearer” to bring the rings. (If they are on the younger side, have them pulled in a wagon or carried.)

7. Include them in your wedding vows, or recite a version customized just for them---this is very special if you are blending families together. Must read “5 Sweet Ways to Include Your Kids in the Wedding Vows” (Martha Stewart).

8. Invite them to do a special prayer or a reading during your ceremony or reception.

9. Have them be part of the celebratory portions of the reception. They could do a special toast (while holding a custom kid-friendly drink!) They could also help with cutting the cake or serving your dessert at the reception.

10. Invite them on to the dance floor to do a special first dance just with them or have them join you at the end of your First Dance.

We hope this was helpful to share how to include kids in your wedding. At the end of the day, if there are little ones who are important to you then you can find a way to include them.

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