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Photos to Take with Your Parents on Your Wedding Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner and Father’s Day shortly after that, parents are top of mind right now! Here are ideas for photos to take with your parents on your wedding day.

P.S. we know that each family is unique and you might not come from a family with a mother and/or father. Please take these tips as directional advice for any honorary parental-figure in your life! Whether they are a godparent to a stepparent, add these 10 photos to your wedding day shot list so that you can get some priceless frame-worthy memories.

As you begin to build your wedding day shot list, one of the important considerations will be the people in your life who you want to be captured in your photos. Key figures in your family, like a mother or father, will likely top the list. Here are the best photos to take with your parents on your wedding day!

Photography Inspiration with Mom at Your Wedding

Photo Ideas: Parents on Your Wedding Day by Joy Photo and Video

If you want photos with your mother, grandmother, or another special lady, these are a few ideas to consider.

Getting Ready

Whether you have matching looks to get ready or are saying cheers with champagne flutes, make sure to get some of these photos captured!

Putting on the Outfit or Accessories

Mom can assist you as you step into your dress or put on your tuxedo. (And if you have a special family heirloom, like grandmother’s pearls or grandfather’s bowtie, then make sure she gets involved to help put them on.)

Giving Each Other a Hug

This is always a special and emotional photo. And since it’s capturing a natural moment with movement then it comes across as natural picture (not forced.)

Photos to Take with Your Mom and Dad on Your Wedding Day

Doing a First Dance

This is a popular one for the mother-son moment , but it’s completely suitable for daughters as well!

Posing with Both Parents

You will want to make sure that you have some formal photographs with your parents planned. Get a few with Mom as an individual, and then have Dad step in. Do some smiling, and then have them kiss you on the cheek. Having diversity in poses will be nice to have later.

While those are our favorite must-have Mom photos to take with your parents on your wedding day, continue your research with this article via “43 Emotional Mother of the Bride Photos”.

Photo Ideas with Dad on Your Wedding Day

Photo Ideas with Dad on Your Wedding Day

Now---to the guys! If you plan to get photos with a special guy in your life, whether it’s Dad, Stepdad, or a best friend, here are photos to add to your wedding day shot list.

Putting on Your Wedding Day Outfit or Accessories

If Dad is able to help put on aspects of your outfit or wedding day accessories, then have them lend a hand. What most people don’t realize about these moments is that it isn’t actually about putting on the tie. It’s more about the fact that this is a moment that will require you to be close, which can lead to a meaningful moment of conversation---and a great photo!

Helping with His Outfit or Accessories

Since men don’t often wear intricate outfits that come with accessories, Dad might need some help. Take a moment to fix his bowtie or add his cuff links, and the photographer can snap a shot.

Having a First Look

We are OBSESSED with first looks that come with a twist---a parent, and not a spouse! If you want to get ready with your mom, then get the photographer to capture your dad seeing you all dolled up for the first time. (This works for both the bride and groom.)

First look with your father, and other photography inspiration for your wedding day

Giving Your Spouse a Handshake or Hug

While it’s nice to have a photo with Dad giving you a handshake or hug, it can also be very special to capture this with your spouse. For example, when Dad walks his daughter down the aisle, he can greet her partner. That makes for a great picture!

Giving His Toast at the Reception

Dads are usually on the list of people who give toasts to the couple at the reception. If Dad is going to give a speech, make sure there’s a photo taken that has all three of you in the camera’s vantage point. Showing him on camera, with your reactions to what he is saying, can make for a very sweet moment. (This is awesome to capture on video, too.)

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best photos to take with your parents on your wedding day. For more inspiration, read “A Complete Guide to Taking Family Photos at Your Wedding”.

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