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Pose Ideas for Your Glamorous Engagement Photos

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Pose ideas for your glamorous engagement photos

One of the things that we love about working with a variety of couples across the nation is having the chance to capture unique love stories.

From sweet country chic, to laid-back beachy vibes, there are plenty of different styles to select from to help design the engagement session of your dreams.

If you and your significant other are all about glitz-and-glamour then this article is for you! Get out your pencil or smartphone and jot down these pose ideas for your glamorous engagement photos.

(And make sure to read through to the end to find out how you can get a free engagement session with Joy Photo and Video in Texas!)

Sequined gown? Check. Snazzy suit? Check. You must be getting ready for a glam photo session! Here are ten of our favorite ideas for how you can pose.

Pose Inspiration for Your Glamorous Engagement Pictures

How to pose for your glamorous engagement photography session
  • Rely on unique architecture to help dictate your poses. Whether you’re posing on the stairs, leaning against a wall or column, or sitting on a chaise, these can all help to add different dimensions to your posing.

  • Put your head on his shoulder as he looks away. This pose has a feeling of closeness that can be beautiful for the camera to capture.

  • Walk hand in hand towards the camera. There’s movement to this pose and it will also help to showcase your glam styling. As you walk, feel free to be natural. Talk to one another and then try looking in different directions— directly at each other and then one or both of you directly to the photographer.

  • Jump into his arms with your hands clasped behind his head. This is uber romantic and one that we love to help capture for our engaged couples!

Pose ideas for a glamorous engagement session: wedding planning tips
  • Stand hand in hand and have him look at the camera, while you look at him. We like this pose because there’s a strength that gets revealed in him, while softness and support being provided by her.

  • Have him pull you towards him for a kiss and arch your back. This is one of the best pose ideas for your glamorous engagement session.

  • Pull one another in close, and look away from the camera. Photos that have you both looking in another direction can help to evoke your focus on looking ahead to the future.

  • Have him sit behind you and both of you look directly at the camera. Leave the smiles out for this one and give your best smoldering look to the photographer!

  • Have him pull you in for a kiss while sitting behind you. If you’re looking for a photo that can naturally show off your engagement ring, this is one of the best pose ideas for your glamorous engagement photos.

  • Use clothing to your advantage! If you are in a long and flowy dress, try throwing the side of the fabric in the air, or twirling in a dance pose. (And if there’s dramatic lighting, this shot can be priceless!)

Glamorous engagement photos set in Los Angeles by Joy Photo and Video

While you don’t have to do each of these, it can be helpful to begin to envision how it will all come together. On the day of your engagement session, there will likely be a lot that is new for both of you.

You’ll be in new settings, one may be more nervous than the other, and you’ll be getting to know your photographer. Preparing with what you can in advance, like the poses that you think will feel natural to you, will help you feel more comfortable and confident.

What to Wear for Your Glam Engagement Photo Session

Here are some styling tips as you prepare for your engagement session.

Engagement photography styling, hair, and make up tips
  • In this Zola article, Megan Garmers, founder and director of MG Hair & Makeup says: “Going glam for your engagement photos doesn’t have to mean you go all out like you would for your wedding. Instead, you can play up one feature to add a touch of glam, like focusing on the eyes with shimmering eyeshadow, lashes, and a smokey glow. “Make sure you don't add a lot of highlighter or glitter,” warns Garmers.

  • Research red carpet styles of your favorite celebrities for inspiration. While you might not end up with a custom couture gown, there’s plenty to learn from. Pay attention to how they style their hair and makeup. Take note of their shoes and jewelry. See how they compliment the their dates, from colors to styling.

  • Don’t assume that you have to wear all black, unless that’s what you envision. While that can read more formal for the photographs, choose colors that make you feel confident! You can wow the camera with a bold color like red, or pops of color through your accessories. (Get outfit ideas here.)

We hope you enjoyed these styling tips and pose ideas for your glamorous engagement photos. If you’re looking for a photographer for your engagement session, we’re here to support you! For a limited time, we’re offering a free 1-hour engagement session when you purchase a wedding package with us. Fill out the form here and we’ll follow up with you to discuss the details. We still have availability for Texas wedding photography in 2022 and are actively booking for 2023.

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