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Three Things Your Wedding Videographer Wants You To Know

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Today, we’d like to share the transcript of the podcast interview with Joy Team member and videographer, Kyle Sharp. In this podcast, he shares three things your wedding videographer wants you to know (with some extra tidbits thrown in, ranging from the type of foundation to where to the things you should do the night before the wedding!)

Here is the podcast which first aired on October 25, 2021 with all of the things your wedding videographer wants you to know. (We’ve made minor adjustments to make it easier to read.)

And make sure to catch up on all of the episodes on the show page. Follow the show on Spotify for weekly updates.

Hosts-Cambric and Jazmin: Welcome to the Bride to Be podcast. We're your hosts. I'm Cambric. And I'm Jasmine. And today, we have the pleasure of talking to Kyle Sharp. How are you, Kyle?

Kyle: I'm doing great, how are you guys?

Host: Good, thanks so much for being here. We're so excited to talk to you. Can you start off by telling our listeners what you do in the wedding industry?

Kyle: I am a wedding videographer. I do some of the photo side as well but primarily a videographer.

Host: That’s awesome. And how long have you been doing videography in the wedding industry?

Kyle: I’ve been at it for about six years. Six years overall, but about four years since I've done anything else.

Host: So you know what you're doing!

Kyle: I've been around the block a little bit. I’ve done at least two weddings!

Host: So one of our questions, is we want to know what is trending right now. what's popular, what's going on, what are you seeing the most happening right now within videography?

Kyle: Within videography, I would say the hot topic is probably drone coverage. Within the last like two or three years that's been the thing to have. I love it. I'm actually a licensed drone pilot so I love that work is my excuse to have really expensive toys.

Host: That would be fun. I wish I had a drone at my wedding, but I guess it wasn’t really a thing back then. So Kyle, within videography is there a certain aspect that you specialize in?

Kyle: Like I said I am a licensed drone pilot, but I think the thing that kind of sets me apart from other videographers is, I'm really big on lighting. That is my big thing. Usually when I'm working with a photographer, the first thing they say to me is “Wow, you have a lot of lights! Most videographers don't bring lights.” I don’t trust Mother Nature to give me the lighting that I need so I come prepared.

Host: That's funny. I would assume that lights would be probably the one thing that I think that

Kyle: For photography. But a lot of videographers prefer to do it just like with the lighting that's there. I'm like, “But how is that different from like a cell phone video?”

Host: Yeah, you don’t want shadows on the bride’s face. That's huge.

Kyle: Exactly.

Host: That's awesome. Okay, so is there anything else you want the brides to know about you.

Kyle: Like I said I've been, I've been doing this for about six years. I think I've lost the official count, but it's somewhere between 400-500 weddings over six years. That’s the sets me apart a little bit. I'm only 30 years old but I've got more experience that people who've been doing this for like 30 years.

Host: That's impressive. How can they contact you for your services?

Kyle: Everything is on my Instagram page, which is @ksharpstudios. It's got a little bit of pricing information and then all my contact information and some of my portfolio.

Host: We'll be sure to add that in the description of the podcast. Kyle, why do you think a bride needs a videographer for their big day?

Kyle: I have always said to both the brides and other photographers: photo and video is the only thing that lasts past the wedding day, other than the marriage.

Host: Hopefully!

Kyle: Yeah, let’s not go there! But everything else, like the decorations to the flowers, the table settings, all of that will go away. The only thing that outlasts that is what we have the privilege of immortalizing in photo and video. Photo and video are two very different methods of storytelling. I’ve seen brides do just photo or just video but it’s kind of a disservice to both if you don't do both. Not to slam my photographer friends!

Host: It’s ok, we won’t tell them. With all that being said, what do you brides need to look for when they're trying to hire somebody like you?

Kyle: I think the most important thing, and most often overlooked thing, is chemistry. Anybody can build an impressive portfolio. The reason that I think my videos stand our is that I build a rapport before we go in. Like, nobody has a natural smile when you say “Smile” or “I need you to laugh.” But if we’ve chemistry, part of a videographer’s job (as weird as it sounds) is to manipulate people.

Host: Yeah, that makes sense.

Kyle: I want to get something natural out of you and I kind of need to trick you into doing it. Because if you know what I'm asking you to do, It's going to look fake and weird and terrible.

Host: That’s so true. I’ve had those experiences with photographers, and they don't come out well at all. In a way, they're almost like a guest to your wedding. You want someone that you like and feel comfortable around. That totally makes sense.

Kyle, when do you think a bride should start looking for a videographer after they get engaged, like how soon do they need to book?

Kyle: Probably the day before they get engaged! No, the sooner the better. Because when you start looking, it could be months from when you actually book. You need to find something to connect with and someone who fits your budget and your vision. There may be cultural concerns that need to be addressed as well. It could take a very long time to find that right fit.

Don't put that off until you're getting close to the wedding because then you're going freak out. You're going to get stressed and then you’re going to pick someone you actually don’t want.

Host: What are your top three tips for brides?

Kyle: First, biggest: communicate with your vendors. You are not going to annoy them. You do not have to worry about talking to them too much. Give them everything, all of the information, and communicate with them as much as possible. Usually one of the first things I tell brides is that I would rather answer questions than solve problems. If you don't tell me upfront about what you want and decide to info-dump on the wedding day, then it’s going to bad time.

Host: I’m so Type A; I want everything planned out. I think I’m that person sending 50 million questions before the day happens. So communication is tip number one, I think that's great.

Kyle: The second one kind of goes hand in hand with that but, hire a coordinator, even if it's just a day of coordinator, like, not everybody has the budget for like a full-blown coordinator to handle everything. But coordinators are, and I have said this lovingly to coordinators, they're Professional Jerks. They keep people in line! (I’ve said the same thing about me, too.) These people have to see you after today; they never have to talk to us again. If you need something done, we'll be a jerk to people and we'll get it done. Then you can just relax.

Host: Make sure everything goes smoothly. I love it.

Kyle: So having that coordinator to deal with the stuff that you don't want to think about on your wedding day, that’s huge. They can communicate with your vendors as well, so you just have to focus on the ‘married part’.

Have fun on your wedding day! Lean on your vendors and let them take care of stuff for you. The only thing you have to do on your wedding day is: don’t mess up your vows, and dance like no one’s watching. That's your to do list.

Host: There's so much stress to the actual day---so much planning and things that go into it. But it's a day to celebrate and have fun. If you hire the right people, you could just show up and party. You have a candid smile in all of the videos and photographs.

Kyle: People forget that because they worry about it being perfect. Perfect is not going to happen, but amazing can definitely happen.

Host: Do you have any things that you think brides should avoid when planning their wedding?

Kyle: Yes, so this one isn't necessarily wedding planning, but this is a microtip to brides. Most makeup artists know this, but do not use oil-based foundation. Always use water or powder-based. Oil-based foundation, especially in Texas, especially in summer, will make you look like your face is aluminum and will reflect everything.

Host: I live in Texas and I have never even thought of that. That’s a great thing to avoid. So anything else they should keep in mind?

Kyle: As far as like bachelorette party planning. I know some people like doing that the night before the wedding, but please don't, please. Avoid binge drinking the night before the wedding. Because binge drinking causes dehydration and dehydration causes puffy, unflattering faces. Do yourself a favor: sleep well the night before, hydrate, and then drink at your wedding.

Host: Good point! The last one for us?

Kyle: The last one kind of goes along with the coordinator and communication with vendors: don't make your timeline too tight. That is something I see a lot. It seems like a really easy way to cut costs by kind of reducing your coverage hours for your photo and video team, or order coordinator or whoever. Listen to your vendors when they tell you how long this will take. So, instead of saying like “Well no, we'll just do it in less time”, just be like, “Okay, do I really want this? And if so, let's extend the timeline just a little bit and actually get what I'm wanting instead of just trying to cut costs.”

Host: So you’re not feeling rushed the whole day and trying to get from point A to point B.

Kyle: That's a great way to not enjoy your wedding day.

Host: That’s so true and it's so stressful for everybody else to be like “Be here at this time and then 30 minutes later, we will drive over here.” Yeah, I don't love that.

Kyle: 15 minutes is not enough time for family photos! This is a PSA for everybody.

Host: It’s not. Especially if you have little kids. They just don't cooperate. It’s like “Hey, we just need one more one more”, and then 30 minutes later you finally get one.

Okay, so as we wrap up here, we want to hear a fun wedding experience that you've had. In an industry where you’ve so many weddings, I'm sure there's a million that you have, but what is one that sticks out to you?

Kyle: There are two. One is a very short story, and it's kind of selfish, it's because of the food! It was my longest wedding ever: 20 hours of coverage from 6am to 2am. We were family by the time we left.

Host: No kidding. You’re in the will now!

Kyle: I think there were six different locations. We stayed at someone's house for like four hours and ate with them. Dinner was at this restaurant in Dallas called Kiran Court and it was a 12-course traditional Chinese and Vietnamese spread. They actually reserved a table for their vendors, and we got to eat each course. They based all their events at the reception around when the courses were served so that we could eat it all. Because they were like, “We know we know you've been working for like 20 hours so here's a $400 dinner.”

Host: Oh my gosh, that’s amazing.

Kyle: That's the best one just for that reason, but I think the one that stuck out to me the most is one that I did recently. There was a bride that came to us (actually it was with Joy). Their videographer essentially committed fraud, they went bankrupt and ran with money. They came to us with like, a month until their wedding. They lost the deposit; It was a horrible situation. But I connected with the couple so much and we jived so hard. The day went amazing. We just finished her video and she said she couldn't stop crying, for all six minutes of it! The whole thing, start to finish, like the stars aligned it was perfect. Everything was amazing.

Host: I bet she was so relieved and so thankful that she ended up getting a videographer to capture her day, after all of that mess.

Kyle: That hit close to home and I was just like, “Yeah, I’m going to take care of you.”

Host: I love how thoughtful you are, “I’m going to take care of you”. That is so nice.

As we wrap up, we usually give our listeners a special offer If they listen to our podcast. We were wondering if you have any special offers that you would like to give them.

Kyle: Absolutely! Reach out to me through my Instagram, either call, text, or direct message. Mention the promo code ‘JOYFULBRIDE’ and get $500 off of my top tier package.

Host: How long does that go for?

Kyle: That's going to be through the end of 2021.

Host: That's amazing. Well, thank you so much Kyle. I think that we gave our brides good tips and good stories. You had some amazing tips and advice for us. Yeah.

Kyle: Thank you guys, I had a lot of fun. Do we have to stop or can we keep talking? Thank you guys so much for having me on.

Host: Go ahead and look at the description. We'll be putting up the promo code, and all the details on how to get Kyle's package discounted. And from what we heard, you want Kyle! You need to hire this guy, make him your top priority! I wish I could go back. Thanks for listening and make sure that you subscribe so that you can hear some more tips coming up. Bye guys.

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Choose Joy,

The Joy Team


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