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Insider Tips from Creative Wedding Professionals

At Joy Photo and Video, we have the privilege of partnering with an incredible network of professional photographers and videographers.

Insider Tips from Creative Wedding Professionals by Joy Photo and Video

We are a national studio with local teams in 36 locations around the US.

We build teams of about 10-20 photographers and videographers in each location. When building the teams, we ensure each person meets our standards of gear, personality, style and quality, and experience.

We assign the team to couples after they book and introduce them to couples about one month before the wedding. We only partner with the best of the best and have a high quality of standards for our team.

We recently sat down to interview two of our team members to help get some insider tips from creative wedding professionals to share with you.

Wedding Planning Tips from a Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Meet Joy team members, Catherine Huliganga and Edgar Manrique. Catherine and Edgar are a dynamic photo and video duo who have worked on dozens of weddings together. They are two of the California-based team members who cover Joy weddings, and we can’t wait for you to meet them!

Q&A: Insider Tips from Creative Wedding Professionals

1. Can you tell us a little about your wedding photography and videography work? [Edgar] “Absolutely. With over a decade of experience in photography and videography, I run my own company, Atherton Media Group, and understand the business and creative sides of weddings.”

Wedding Planning Tips from a Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer

[Catherine] “I started Catherine Huliganga Photography when I was finishing my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, and have over four years' experience shooting weddings, portraits, and engagements. Through video and photography, Edgar and I get the pleasure of capturing beautiful moments of weddings.” 2. What is your favorite thing about photographing couples in love? [Catherine & Edgar] “You can't beat capturing the genuine joy between two people. Seeing the magic unfold and showing them the result right from the camera— that's just priceless.” 3. What advice do you have for couples looking for a wedding photographer? “Here's a golden nugget: Beyond poses and shots, it's essential to connect with your photographer. Keep your creative compass aligned and pay attention to how they make you feel. It is just as important to focus on the experience as it is on the images. 4. How do you partner with couples on their wedding day timeline? “In reality, capturing all those special moments while ensuring the couple has plenty of time to enjoy their big day is tricky. So wedding timelines are usually a team effort between us, the couple and the coordinators.” 5. What tips do you have for couples when creating their shot list? “Identify what really matters to you and build your perfect shot list from there. Are you the kind of couple that likes to document everything? Is a relaxed, unobtrusive approach more appealing to you? Or are you the kind of couple who likes to document the silliest things, like a shot of you two making funny faces in the mirror? These are the types of things you might want to consider when taking photos. Oh, and remember to build in some buffer time between the main events—setting up takes time!”

Wedding Industry Insider Tips

6. Since many couples hire two photographers for extra coverage, how does it work when there are two shooters? “Here's how it works: The lead photographer provides the main direction for the photos, capturing the main events and essentials. However, whenever there are two photographers, the second photographer helps the lead by assisting with details, coordinating the family members/wedding party for their photos, and lending a hand with equipment. Second photographers can add a different perspective to the same shot and snap extra photos while the lead photographer is focusing elsewhere with the couple.”

7. How can couples help you to make sure that the wedding goes smoothly?

Wedding Photography and Videography Tips

“To ensure things run seamlessly on your wedding day, having a good grasp of the timeline helps. Consider designating a bridesmaid or coordinator as a friendly timekeeper. Additionally, having confidence in your vendors—like us—goes a long way. Weddings flow more smoothly when the bride and groom are relaxed.”

8. Do you have any advice for couples for specific segments of their wedding (i.e. when they are preparing their getting ready space?) “Tidy, well-lit spaces make a big difference. Decide on a space where we can work our magic without being distracted by clutter. You can do a lot with a little preparation! 9. When a couple books wedding photo and video, how do you partner on both? “When a couple hires us for both photography and video, it's a harmonious collaboration. Our goal as vendors is to create a friendly, family-like atmosphere on your wedding day, so we do our best to introduce ourselves to other vendors involved in the couple's wedding. Ultimately, we're all trying to capture the magic of the wedding day for the bride and groom.” 10. Is there anything you wish that couples who book with you know, before going through the process?

Joy Photo and Video: Wedding Photo and Video Tips

“Here's a secret: you can ask us anything about your wedding. We've been part of so many beautiful celebrations that we're a treasure trove of knowledge— just don't expect us to know the answers to the age-old questions like, "Does this dress make me look fat?" or "Is my fiancée the one?" But the one thing we can promise is that no matter what your wedding-related question is, we’ll always do our best to help you out.”

Thank you to our dynamic duo, Catherine and Edgar, for these insider tips from creative wedding professionals. We’re thankful to have you as valued members of the Joy Photo and Video team!

To learn more about the work done by Joy team members, read our FAQs. To book with one of our pros, inquire about availability today. We still have some availability in 2023 and are actively booking for 2024 weddings!

[Real weddings featured in this article were captured by Catherine and Edgar for Joy Photo and Video.]

Choose Joy,

The Joy Team


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