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Here's How to Have Your Dream Country Wedding in Texas

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

If you’re trying to make your wedding country-riffic, this article is for you. Here’s how to have your dream country wedding in Texas.

Groom and groomsman on country wedding day in Texas captured by Joy Photo and Video

Since Texas is the birthplace of Joy Photo and Video, we love all-things country—especially when it comes to country wedding details!

We’ve compiled our top 10 tips to help make your dream wedding day a reality.

Country Wedding Details: Theme, Décor, and Flowers

1. Start early with your theme throughout the wedding festivities. From the save-the-dates, to the bridal shower, begin to create a consistent experience for your guests by highlighting country elements. Whether it’s imagery (like horseshoes or spurs) or design (like lace or bandana trims), or even your wedding hashtag, there are plenty of ways to begin to incorporate your theme.

2. Choose a location with organic country flair—but make sure to have a plan B. Large farm lands with expansive fields make for a great wedding backdrop, especially if the location has Mother Nature on display. While this can be an awesome way to get married, be sure to keep the inconsistent Texas weather in mind. If it were to rain, make sure that your wedding planner has an alternative spot (like a barn) or rented tents on hand so that there can be a quick change if needed. In this case, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry—especially since many of these locations can be rural!

How to Have Your Dream Country Wedding in Texas

3. Incorporate materials like denim and linen throughout the day—from attire to décor. We love the idea of taking a well-known material, like denim, and introducing it in a variety of ways. From details in the groom or groomsmen outfits like bottoms or boutonnieres, to denim table runners, or denim napkin ring holders, have a material that consistently ties into the wedding ceremony and reception. (You can replace the word “denim” here with linen, lace, leather, or bandana fabric!)

4. Make sure to stay away from any elements that could feel “stuffy”, like stiff fabric for bridesmaids' dresses. A country vibe should feel natural and relaxed. While you can absolutely have a formal country wedding, it doesn’t have to feel stuffy. When making decisions for how to have your dream country wedding in Texas then be sure to opt for soft, flowy, and earthy details.

5. Use cowboy boots for more than just footwear. Nothing screams country louder than a pair of cowboy boots. (New) boots make for a great table centerpiece by serving as a flower vase alternative, or can be used as a ‘honeymoon fund’ container. (You can use cowboy hats in the same way, too!)

6. Be thoughtful with the flowers that you choose. When it comes to flower arrangements, keep in mind that they should give off an organic vibe—like they have been taken out of a field. Anything that feels tightly bound or restrictive in shape will take away from the natural beauty. Opt for loose and lush with muted tones. Flowers like baby’s breath, bluebonnets, or sunflowers, along with interesting earthy elements can help to amp up the theme, too.

Wedding flower inspiration for a country wedding in Texas

Country Wedding Inspiration: An Experience for Your Guests

7. Have your officiant incorporate cowboy and ranch-life terminology into key parts of the ceremony, like the wedding vows. This is an example from a real wedding that we absolutely love!

Wedding blog: Country wedding details for Texan couples getting married
  • Pastor to the Groom: “(Groom’s name), Since you are here to declare your devotion, do you promise to love (Bride’s name) more than your horse, your pickup truck, and the Dallas Cowboys? Will you always take off your spurs when you come to bed? When it's 90 degrees outside, will you loan (Bride’s name) your bandana? If it's over 100, will you fan her with your Stetson?”

  • Pastor to the Bride: “(Bride’s name), do you promise to love (Groom’s name) more than your horse and credit cards? Will you make sure the grub is chuck wagon good? Do you promise to bring your man a cold bucket of water while he tends the herd? With the Lord and your friends as your witness, do you promise to put up with his grubby buddies and their muddy boots? Will you even grab your apron and whip up a prime rib and tatters when they are hungry? Will you comfort him when the Dallas Cowboys lose? Will you serve Buffalo wings, chips, and salsa to help him recover? Do you promise to love, honor, cook for, clean up after, surrender your share of the blanket to, let him go unshaven on Saturday, and relinquish the remote until death do you part?”

8. Add to your guest’s taste buds. According to, here are three types of food that you should incorporate into your Texas wedding reception. (Our mouths are already watering…)

  • “BBQ – What could feel more festive, or more Texas, than a barbecue feast? Bring on the brisket, ribs, sausages, and sides. Just be sure to leave some Wet Wipes on the table.

  • A taste of tex mex – Even if you’re leaning toward a formal seated dinner, you can still incorporate a taste of tex-mex into your celebration. Chips and queso, a favorite snack in Austin, Texas, makes satisfying late-night fare. And, nothing stops a hangover in its tracks quite like a midnight breakfast taco bar.

  • Pecan pie – One of the top pecan producers in the country, Texas is famous for its pecans and mouth-watering pecan pie. If you’re looking for a Texas delight at your nuptials, why not serve a slice of this local favorite alongside, or perhaps in lieu of, a traditional wedding cake.”

9. Speaking of guests…invite animals to the party. Some of our favorite country wedding photos include animals! Depending on your wedding location, see if there’s a way to incorporate horses, cows, goats, llamas, pigs, or dogs. If a specific animal or type of animal is an important part of who you are individually, or a part of your love story, then this can be incredibly meaningful. (Just make sure there’s some extra time baked into your wedding timeline, and there are multiple ‘handlers’ on-site who can help manage the animals while photos are being taken!)

10. Carry the theme all of the way through to the grand wedding ceremony exit. To leave your guests with a lasting impression and help top the night off, incorporate a country-approved wedding exit. This could range from: riding away on bareback horses, jumping into an old vintage pickup truck, setting off fireworks, jumping in a swimming pool right before you leave, or exiting on a boat (if you’re on a lake!) One of the most unique ways to end the night? A custom brand on a cow-hide rug for your future home. (This can be faux, if you prefer!)

Country wedding inspiration: wedding planning blog for engaged couples in Texas

To help sum up how to have your dream country wedding in Texas, the Knot shares their best tips here: “Cassy Anderson of Cassy Rose Events encourages to-be-weds to remember "that the 'country' is just as much about the feel of the experience as it is about the physical elements. Many may find that they are drawn less to the 'country' aesthetic and more to the beauty of American craftsmanship and of an environment that feels welcoming and warm.

Try and steer clear of trite representations and rather incorporate more rustic elements in modern ways. For example, instead of the overdone (but delicious) pie station for dessert, work with your mixologist to come up with delicious specialty cocktails like an apple pie bourbon sweet tea. Serve it up in a specialty glass, and you've got yourself a fresh cocktail with a hint of country flair." She goes on to note that "not all design elements need to be incorporated evenly into every aspect of the event. This is true for colors as well as textures. For country weddings specifically, this is especially important and, frankly, a little of anything goes a long way. If you've fallen in love with a lace gown, go for it! But don't feel bound now to incorporating lace into the invitation pattern and the cake design, etc. For every 'traditional; element you incorporate, look to juxtapose it with something unexpected to avoid things feeling tired.”

We hope this helped you figure out how to have your dream country wedding in Texas. If you’re looking for a photographer to support you, we’re here for you! We have team members located across the Lone Star state and across the nation. Get the details here. We promise to do our best and it is our joy to serve you.

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