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Best Music for Wedding Videos

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

When it comes to wedding videos, one of the most critical components of taking it from good to great will be your selection of music. Here are tips as you begin to research the best music for wedding videos.

First, what makes a great song for a wedding video? Here are a few things to consider.

1. Beat: The song that you choose to accompany your video will need some momentum! Momentum doesn’t mean upbeat, but it will need an arch where the music helps to make a statement. This will make a statement and amplify the video.

2.Length: Keep in mind that most wedding videos range from 1-5 minutes. Videos that are one-minute long are often called “sneak peeks” to help give the essence of the key moments on the big day. The “highlight” video is typically longer and will often include additional audio, like the vows. You should plan to select one or two songs that cover the entire video timeframe. And keep in mind that depending on the length of the video, you might just use the chorus versus the whole thing.

3. Meaning: It’s important to consider songs which are meaningful to you and your relationship, along with how you view your love story. It’s best if the song either helps highlight your wedding theme, or brings through something that’s important about your relationship.

Pro tip: Rights are important! While your wedding videographer should be partnering with you to select the best music for wedding videos, keep in mind that you’ll want to use music selections which are royalty free. If you plan to share your video on social media platforms, the music may be muted if you’re sharing copyrighted music for which you don’t own the rights. If you’re selecting and purchasing the song on your own, make sure to read the fine print.

Best Music for Wedding Videos in 2023

While each wedding video that we create will have its own unique flair, there are a few popular songs that our couples have continued to request over the years. Music helps set the tone for the scenes that are playing and can help to elevate the viewing experience. Here is a selection of songs to consider to help take your video footage from good to great!

Most Romantic Music for Wedding Highlight Videos

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri This is one of the best music for wedding videos and one of the most requested through Joy Photo and Video. The music is soft, and lyrics are meaningful. Plus, it’s from one of the most iconic wedding scenes in a movie from the Twilight Series. Listen to “A Thousand Years” here.

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran We love this song because it adds a subtle touch of romance to the footage without being overpowering. The lyrics about a lifelong love story are a great fit for a wedding. Listen to “Thinking Out Loud” here. (If you like Ed Sheeran’s music and are looking for another option, consider “Perfect.”)

You Shine by Andrew Simple With a beautiful melody and lyrics like these, it's easy to see why this song would make our list of the best wedding songs: "You shine brighter than the stars in the sky; I am yours and I know you are mine." Listen to "You Shine" here. (For a more upbeat option by Andrew Simple, check out "Best of All Our Days.")

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Kina Grannis This song is a classic and there are many renditions to choose from! Since we saw the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” and heard this version featured in a wedding scene, we haven’t been able to stop playing it! Listen to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” here. You could do an instrumental version or an alternate cover, too.

When I Fall in Love by Michael Buble This is another famous song which has multiple popular covers, and the rendition from Michael Buble is one of the best for a wedding highlight video. Since his voice is so smooth, it helps to add to the overall production of the video, without being too distracting. List to "When I Fall in Love" here.

Perfect Country Songs for Wedding Highlight Videos

Country is the perfect genre for wedding videos since many of them tell a story. Plus, they are romantic, too!

Speechless by Dan and Shay Since our home base started in Texas, we’ve shot footage for many dreamy country weddings. This is a song that we refer to often. Play “Speechless”. (We also recommend "From the Ground Up.")

Take My Name (Wedding Version) by Parmalee One of the best part using a country song in a wedding highlight video is the storytelling aspect. These lyrics can weave sentimental scenes from your big day together and make it feel even more special. Play “Take My Name”.

When She Says Baby by Jason Aldean If you're a fan of Jason Aldean, consider this song as the background for the video featuring your big day. Play "When She Says Baby". (Another option to choose from is "You Make it Easy".

The One You Need by Brett Eldridge If you're looking for a slowed down classic country song, Brett Eldridge has a few that are suitable for wedding videos and this one tops the list. Play "The One You Need".

Better Than Beautiful by Joe Nichols While it was tough to narrow down, rounding out our country wedding music recommendations is this gem from Joe Nichols. The lyrics are incredibly meaningful to help supplement any love story. Play "Better Than Beautiful".

Popular Upbeat Music for Wedding Highlight Videos

Depending on the footage used in your highlight video, you might have the opportunity to feature two songs. Start out the video with a romantic and softer song, and then switch gears with the music once the reception footage gets featured. Here are some of the best upbeat songs for your wedding video.

Marry You by Bruno Mars This is an upbeat song that has playful lyrics. It's popular for Grand Exits and has been a popular request from Joy couples for their highlight videos. It’s a perfect transition song when beginning to introduce reception footage. Check out "Marry You."

Imagine by Ben Platt With lyrics like "I can't imagine my life without you" and a big crescendo mid-song, this is a fantastic song choice. Check out "Imagine".

Don’t Give Up on Me by Andy Grammar This song has a great mix of slower moments with sentimental words, followed by a loud burst of music. When energy is introduced in key parts of a wedding video, it can end up feeling like fireworks! Check out "Don't Give Up On Me".

Rhythm of Love by Plain White T's This sweet song has a consistent beat throughout the tune and has the perfect lyrics for a reception scene. Check out "Rhythm of Love."

We hope you enjoyed learning about the best music for wedding videos. It’s important to find a song that not only complements the vibe of your wedding, but also who you are as a married couple. Continue your research with these articles:

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