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Pose Ideas for Your Sports Themed Engagement Photos

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Since Houston is the birthplace of Joy Photo and Video, sports have been top of mind for us lately! Now that the Houston Astros have won the 2022 World Series, we’re on to the next as we plan to partake in some of America’s favorite sport: football. Whether you and your partner are planning to enjoy some post-Turkey football, or have a long line-up of World Cup soccer games to enjoy, this article is for you.

When it comes to planning the theme and poses for your engagement session, it’s important that the photographs are true to who you are.

Pose Ideas for Sports Themed Engagement Photos

Not glamorous? Don’t plan to wear formal attire. Don’t love the beach? An oceanside photo session isn’t for you.

When you think of an engagement session, the first thing that comes to mind likely won’t be sports. But if one or both of you are sports fans, consider incorporating this theme into your photos (either subtle or more direct).

Whether you coach, play sports, or go tailgating together on the weekends, there are plenty of ways to tie this into your engagement session.

Consider these pose ideas for your sports themed engagement photos.

Classic Poses for Your Sports Engagement Shoot

Fans of baseball, football, hockey, or even pickleball, take note of these classic pose ideas for your sports themed engagement photos:

Engagement session featuring baseball fans captured in Houston by Joy Photo and Video
  • Stand holding hands side by side with the backs of your jerseys to the camera. To amp it up a notch, have your future last name printed on the jersey.

  • Wrap your hands around the back of their athletic hat to show off your engagement ring.

  • Put a sports cap in your hand with your arm stretched straight down to show off your ring.

  • Set your hand near a team logo or symbol on their jersey to feature the engagement ring.

  • Put your hand in the back pocket of his sports uniform so that your ring is visible.

  • Enjoy a playful session of basketball at a local court and have him lift you up to get you closer to the net or wrap his arms from behind you as he reaches for the ball.

  • Have her stand on top of a ball and wrap her arms around you for a kiss. (This works best if there’s a height difference between you two.)

  • Pose next to your wedding date engraved into ground that aligns with your likes, like sand (for you surfers) or in the grass.

  • Cuddle closely in your favorite stadium: sitting in the stands, cross-legged on the field, or leaning in for a kiss at the dug-out.

Pro tip: If you don’t have access to your favorite stadium, a local high school or recreation center might be able to give you the opportunity to leverage their set up!

How to pose for athletic engagement photos

Athletic Themed Engagement Photo Ideas Using a Sporty Object

Whether it’s a ball, or a bat, there are plenty of different objects that can be leveraged for your athletic engagement photos. These objects can help encourage more unique poses and add diversity to your photo album.

  • Put a hat or helmet in front of your face while you’re kissing.

  • Grab a larger ball, like a football or soccer ball, to hold out in front of you as you smile. Make sure your fingers are placed so that the engagement ring has the spotlight!

  • Write your wedding date on to three of the same small sized balls (like baseballs or golf balls). Sit closely to one another on the ground and lay them in front of you.

  • Write your wedding date on the bottom of athletic shoes and show the date towards the camera.

  • Write a funny saying on a ball, like “I vow to love you, even during football season” and hold it up in front of you as you giggle for the camera.

  • Place the engagement ring in a helmet, baseball glove, a pair of flippers or goggles, or on a home plate.

  • Lean up against a larger object, like a baseball bat, hockey net, soccer goal, or score board.

Pro tip: if only one of you is a sports fan, add a sense of humor to these photos. For example, if it’s the guy who is into sports and the girl is not, let her pose with stilettos while posing with a basketball. Or if the girl is into sports, let her be the one to wear a custom jersey with her new last name. Make this your own so that it reflects who you both are!

We hope you enjoyed learning about pose ideas for your sports engagement photos.

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